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Noah starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofksy was a complete disappointment to the epic Bible story. Noah is chosen by God to complete a great task, to build an ark to save the animals, (and the human race, or so I thought.)The Bible states that Noah and his family was chosen because they were good people and didn’t give in to the sins of the world.
This movie took that whole idea and concept away from the original story. I think everything went wrong for this movie, starting with Noah’s son’s Sham, Ham and Jabath. All of which were young boys and not men. In the bible they are men and already have wives.
Sham ends up with the adoptive daughter which means that she is Sham’s non blood related sister,(a girl who Noah saves from being attacked, then raises her as his own.)
Then there is this whole war that is started by a villain, supposedly a descendent of Cain, Tubal-cain, played by Ray Winestone. Viewed as a king by the people, he demands to be saved and uses his army to wage war against Noah so he can take the ark. Noah’s family is protected by fallen angels called Watchers.
The animals began to board the ark. The rains begin and Noah soon has a fallout with Ham as he looses a woman that he wanted to go with him.
lla played by Emma Watson is impregnated by Sham, not realizing it until they’ve spent weeks in the ark. The evil villain escapes the flood as he secretly boarded the ark during the attack.
Noah’s family believes that they will have a chance to restart civilization, but Noah says the sin of the world will end with his family. Once he realizes that lla is pregnant, he plots to kill the baby so that he can uphold god’s plan. The family is outraged and the young couple plan to escape the ark.
Their plan fails as Noah torches their little boat and the stress of that situation begins the onset of labor.
The Villain uses Noah’s son as a ploy to influence Ham so he can kill his father. Tubal-cain wants to got Noah out-of-the-way,so that he can be the ruler of the people. Once the ark lands, and the doves seek a place to start over, a fight breaks out just as Noah discovers that the ark has been invaded by evil. The son defends his father and Tubal-cain is killed on the ark.
Twins are born on the ark and Noah can not bear to murder the innocent babies. They start a new life and the new earth is born.
Every time a new scene opened, the more I disliked this movie. I don’t understand the reason why the writers would change the story to such a degree that makes it disturbing.
The villain was added for dramatic reasons. The purpose for Emma Watson’s character was pointless and the storyline centered around her was inappropriate. Murder in the new world, killing babies, are all things that contradict the story in so many ways.
I grew up reading about Noah and the flood, and I just can’t express enough, how disappointed I was. They even added Noah’s grandfather Methuselah portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. The character presented could have been introduced better.
The special effects were good, but the story telling was just so bad. I did find myself wanting an even more detailed back-story on the watchers. That could have been developed better.
This role was not fitting for the cast, with the exception of Hopkins, and where did Noah find clippers to get his head shaved? Really?
I gave this movie 2 stars, not a box office must see.


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Seinfeld Reunion Pitch
Jerry and Elaine have been in a secret relationship for almost ten years. Jerry finally proposes and Elaine excepts. Jerry and Elaine get together to tell George and Kramer. They are shocked to find out that Jerry and Elaine are together.
The wedding plans are underway. The couple decides to have a destination wedding at resort in New Mexico. Jerry now has a major problem, choosing a best man. Both George and Kramer want the honor. George feels obligated because he is Jerry’s Best Friend and Kramer just wants to feel important and involved. So they both compete against each other to prove to Jerry who the better man is.
So Jerry decides to make both of them the best man. George is responsible for getting the ring and planning the rehearsal dinner while Kramer is responsible for the bachelor party. Jerry makes a big mistake involving Kramer when he learns that the party entertainment consists of transgendered women. George looses the wedding ring and goes to an unlikely source to find a temporary replacement— from Newman. An uninvited Newman weasels his way into the wedding by blackmailing George.
Elaine decides to invite the list of women that Jerry has dated throughout the years to test his loyalty to her. Jerry feels awkward about the whole thing as several women approach him with past issues, Jerry is even seduced by some, but in the end remains faithful to Elaine. Jerry survives the bachelor party, and George manages to pass the ring off. Newman is viewed as a wedding crasher in Jerry’s eyes, but all witness the couple happily Pledge their love for each other.
I hope you all enjoyed this piece. Just visualizing the characters experience this possible sinaro makes me laugh.

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My book tour for my angel vampire fantasy novel Swept into the Darkness: Chronicles of the Celestial book one, starts Monday August 5. Hosted by Promotional Book Tours, the tour will consist of several stops across the internet. I will be featured on blogs, have reviews of my book, and also be interviewed and guest posting throughout the tour. I am giving away an awesome prize, so stop by during my tour and enter the contest to win.
Links are included on the Promotional Book Tours web site, under Swept into the Darkness. Also I will post the link to my tour site every day of my tour.
I look forward to you all participating!

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My debut angel vampire fantasy novel, Swept into the Darkness: Chronicles of the Celestial book one was re-published June 2013. The book is available for purchase in eBook and paperback at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.
There is an upcoming book tour scheduled, beginning August 5th that will run for two weeks. The tour will be hosted by Promotional Book Tours. The tour prize is a 25.00 Amazon gift card. In the meantime there is a sumner promotional giveaway going on, hosted by goodreads. The promotion ends Sept 22, 2013, so head over to my book page and enter today to be a potential winner of a signed paperback.
Good Luck and happy reading.

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My debut,angel vampire fantasy novel Swept into the Darkness was re-edited. Some basic corrections were made, and also there are some changes to the lay out of the book, but those changes don’t take away from the story.

The book is in the process of being published. The paperback and eBook will be available within the following weeks. The actual date will be announced soon.

The process of re-editing was more intense than the first, second and third round of edits. There were parts of the story that were a better fit in other places, so there were times when whole sections had to be changed and put elsewhere.

It was a pleasure to work with my editor Dana, recommended by my tour hosts at Promotional Book Tours. She was very professional and always looked for my input and respected my work.

I will start the summer with a book tour hosted by Promotional book tours. The tour will begin July 5th and last two weeks. The tour will feature my book on various blogs, have book excerpts, and feature book reviews. The prize I am offering will be a $25.00 Amazon gift card.
I will also host a goodreads contest and giveaway which I will offer signed copies of my re-released book.

Other book promotions will be offered this summer and as soon as they develop further, I will announce them.
Happy Reading and Writing

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Writing, creating characters, and magical storylines that take readers on unforgettable adventures is a passion that is deeply rooted within me.

Writing is a necessity for my life, just like air and water. It creates a happiness in me that nothing can replace.

When my pen touches the paper, I am transformed into the characters and situations that I create. I assume their lives to a degree that changes my connection to the outside world. It makes me more aware of the enviroments and the people within those environments. My imagination crosses the boarders of reality, giving me the ability to visualize supernatural beings in our world.
Writing and creating allows me to be open to the infinite possibilities that this world has to offer.

Embrace your creativity and be open.
Happy Reading and Writing!

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The second book in my Chronicles of the Celestial series is called Dark Betrayal. The story continues as Sydney London fully embraces her heritage as a Nephilim. Even though she has defeated many of her enemies, she must now face the ultimate betrayal as she continues to defend the human race on the Earthly Realm. As she remains strong in her efforts to fight against the “Darkness” Sydney learns that the one person she is trying to save may not be the person she was meant to save. All the choices that Sydney make are important and her will to fight and survive is strong. Will the Betrayal be so devastating that it changes her mission? You will have to read to find out.
Dark Betrayal is darker than book one, because it takes the main character Sydney on a rollercoaster ride of experiences that reveal a whole new world of darkness that few magical beings have seen.

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Happy New Year Everyone! First I would like to update all readers on some of the book promotional aspects that have been put into action concerning my debut novel Swept into the Darkness. I launched a book blast hosted by Promotional Book Tours that started on December 21st and ended on January 6th. The blast was a great success and gave my book the appropriate exposure. Next on the promotional agenda will be a giveaway hosted by Goodreads. That will take place starting this Monday. In addition my book tour is in the early stages of the planning process and will begin February 13,2013. That event will also be hosted by Promotional book tours. During Valentines week I will be participating in a special book promotional event where Swept into the Darkness will be featured on several blogs, a group giveaway will be included in the promotion. I have more good good news. My Facebook author page now has over 500 LIKEs and I am so happy that everyone has been so supportive. I am looking to increase book sales and start the process of starting my own publishing company. Stop by my author page at http://www.facebook.com/authorlataeyalane
Happy Reading and writing
I have some movie reviews I will include in my posts for this weekend

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As we all start the recovery process from Hurricane Sandy, slowly I have started to get back on track with everything.  My heart goes out to all the families that lost their homes as a result of Sandy.  May God be with you and deliver you out of this disheartening period in your lives.

I usually don’t blog this early but the baby is sleeping and work is delayed because of the snow so I decided to take this opportunity to write a long overdue blog post.  I will begin with updates concerning Swept into the Darkness Book one.  My promotion was delayed because of the storm, but now things seem to be falling into place again.  I am waiting for the latest edition of my proof to arrive, which I ordered a few moments ago.  As soon as I review it and approve it, the paperback will be available for purchase.  I am striving for perfection and that takes time, patience and money.  It’s amazing how long and tedious publishing a book can be.  On my original timeline, book one and two were supposed to be published and available to readers.  When it is finished it is finished.  Despite all the work that comes with publishing, I really love it.  The more I write and work on my books the more passion I gain for my craft.  The feeling is indescribable.

Announcements will be made on my blog as well as via Twitter and Facebook once the book is up for purchase.  My Facebook release party is in a couple of weeks.  I am just waiting to confirm my official date and will announce that once I get more info on that.  If you cannot wait for a paperback, Swept into the Darkness is available on all distribution channels as an eBook, which includes Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Book two in the Chronicles of the Celestial Series will be titled Swept into Betrayal.  The book is in the process of being typed.  It is complete but I am making some changes as I go along.

There are many promotional events that are being planned for the release of Swept into the Darkness.  As they begin to unfold I will make sure that they are announced.

Be Safe, Happy and Healthy

Happy Reading and Writing


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So much has been going on with my book since I last blogged about Swept into the Darkness.  The paperback version on my book will be coming out early October and will be sold on Amazon.com.  Currently I am reading the proof copy of the paperback.  I will be making some subtle changes within some of the chapters. It’s amazing the mistakes you can find even after you have read and reread the book several times and even had it edited multiple times!  October is also Indie Author month, and to celebrate all Indie authors I will be participating in a Facebook book promotion.  The event has been extended until the end of November so I will have a book cover spot on November 26th.  Also my official book release will be coming up soon and the actual dates will be announced via my site and twitter once I get those dates approved by my book release host.  That event will also take place on Facebook and will be by ” SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY.”  I am in the process of obtaining some nice prizes for my upcoming Goodreads promotion which will be announced within the next couple of weeks.  In addition to that I am looking for readers to review my book.  So if anyone is interested in providing me with a review please drop me an email and I can send a PDF copy of my book to be reviewed.  I am only looking for the serious reviewer.

As I am working on promoting Swept into the Darkness Chronicles of the Celestial book one, I am typing up book two and writing book three.  Busy, busy, busy.  Please note that this weekend I will post part three of my fall movie preview series.  I know that many of you have been coming on to look at my previews.  I apologize for being late with part three.  I just have been so busy with my book not to mention that I have a new baby at home.  🙂

Happy reading and writing!!!


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