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Do what you believe you are meant to do.

So many people struggle with finding their way through life, doing things that make them unhappy. We all do it at some point in our lives and there is a time when we must step out of that zone and go to the place within ourselves and be who we really are meant to be in this life. No matter what you do to create a life that works for you, never give up on your real dream. Do what you are meant to do, do what makes you happy. Life is not always about the struggles but it’s about the journey you take and the lessons you learn along the way, how you make those lessons work for your life now. It doesn’t matter how long the journey takes, but what it is that you do once your journey is complete.



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Now that my son has officially passed the baby stage, he is settling into toddlerhood right on schedule.

It’s amazing how babies grow so fast within the first few years and it’s also amazing how fast they learn and pick up on everything.
My son knows the alphabet by route, and can name the letters out-of-order and an object associated with that letter. He also can count past 10 and is learning to count in Spanish. He knows the basic body parts in English and Spanish and new words are being introduced into his vocabulary every day.
Socially he is very outgoing and friendly, and I believe that he will have a very productive experience when he enters preschool.

Toddlers at the age of two are extremely funny and they have a personality that is infectious.
The interesting thing about toddlers is their curiosity about the world around them. They are into anything and everything.
When I was pregnant, I researched practically every topic I could about pregnancy, delivery, and raising children. I read everything I possibility could about the subject and I must say that no matter how prepared you think you are, it still won’t be enough because you won’t know what to expect until you actually live it, and experience it.

Being a parent is one of the most important, and exciting things that a woman could ever do in her life, but it is also one of the scariest.
Childproofing is a big thing in my home, and no matter how many times we think we have child proofed his room, I can never sit back and relax.

There is never a dull moment in my home. And when I finally think that I have everything covered, my son creates another innovative way to get what he wants.
Climbing over obstacles is the new thing with him. He loves to climb over the gate. I unexpectedly caught him playing in the living room and when I asked him what was he doing he simply said, “I funny,” and smiled.

I caught him standing on top of his toy box the other day, and told him to get down. He told me, “you.” then got down and ran back to play with his toys.
He has moved his crib, and the dresser! I couldn’t believe it. I tried to tie down the furniture and he still managed to move it. My husband and I have rearranged our son’s room at least 5 times in less than a year.
If I could give any new parent any advice about toddlers, I’d say that you must have a sense of humor in order to survive. LOL


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Lucy poster

Lucy directed by Luc Besson and starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman tells an interesting story about a young woman living in Japan that gets swept up into an international drug trade.

The film opens with a so-called friend Richard, trying to convince Lucy to take a mysterious briefcase to someone that she doesn’t even know. Very reluctant to do this favor, Lucy denies his request and she is forced to put herself in a situation that will eventually change her life forever.
Lucy enters the dark world of the unknown as she encounters a group of Japanese Mob men that basically plays Russian Roulette with here life.

She is attacked and forced to smuggle drugs back into the US with an implanted bag of a synthetic pregnancy hormone.
Lucy tries to rebel against her captors and is attacked once again. The bag explodes inside her, and the drug is released into her bloodstream as it opens up a whole new world of abilities that her brain unlocks.

Lucy escapes the prison that she is being held in and soon reeks havoc upon everyone that was responsible for her pain and suffering.
Lucy’s brain functioning is evolving by the minute. She seeks the help of Professor Norman, a Brain Scholar (played by Morgan Freeman, as she tries to cope with her new found intelligence.
One by One she picks off the Japanese Mob crew. Her crusade to put an end to their plan starts a war between her and the Boss. He will stop at nothing to see her die and does everything in his power to make that happen.

In the end Lucy meets allies on her journey for revenge and leaves the legacy of her intelligence behind for the professor.

I thought the overall concept for this film was awesome and I could see the future makings of a great superhero film.
I really enjoyed the special effects, but felt as though there were some unnecessary scene flashes such as the animals running in the beginning,it seemed out of place. The movie was too short, but I felt that the imagery was Sci Fi driven and the action scenes were engaging.
I gave this movie 3 stars.

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