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The final episode for TrueBlood’s season 6 just ended, and I must say that I do have mixed feelings about it.
In the beginning of the season, Warlow appeared to be a bigger threat than the so called “Billith” and ended with not being that big of a deal. There was no real battle between Warlow and Sookie like I expected and like the show was building up to. He didn’t put up much of a fight. I actually thought that Bill’s transformation was solely intended to battle Warlow.
The writers didn’t conceptualize that Warlow storyline well.
After Jason kills him, the daywalking vampires return to normal (ERIC IS HIGH ON A MOUNTIAN, AND SUDDENLY BURNS IN THE SUN!!) now Bon Temps is completely different, and that is the last we see of Eric.
Six months later,

Sam is mayor, Arlene owns the bar that is no longer Merlotte’s, Sookie is with Alcide and there is a strange concept introduced where every human should have a vamp and vice versa.
While the town is having a party to further discuss the idea, a band of hybrid vampires head in the direction of the bar and the episode ends.

This new threat seems interesting and I definitely can’t wait to see what is to come, but I can’t help but feel that they wrote the episode as if it was going to be the last. If it ended there, there wouldn’t be too much else to say.
Tara’s storyline has closure, Terry is dead and burried, Jason is with a vamp,
Arlene has moved on, Jess tried to apologize to Andy,and Sookie seems happy and in a normal relationship.

I’m happy that Bill is back to normal and part of me wanted him and Sookie back together.
I can’t see Sam as a family man and the mayor of the town. It seems like it doesn’t fit.
I just don’t know what to say. For the most part the episode was ok, but seemed very disjointed. I think there were too many changes too fast and fans didn’t have time to process it all. This ending would have been better for a series finale.
Still shocked


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