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I know it’s been a while since my last post, so I just wanted to mention some of the things that are going on with my book Swept into the Darkness: Chronicles of the Celestial.

There will be a winter book tour for my debut novel Swept into the Darkness, hosted by Goddessfish Promotions. The 12 week long tour will start within the next few weeks and will include guest posts, interviews, and some reviews. There will be a prize giveaway of a signed paperback copy of my book and a $20.00 gift card. Exact dates will be announced.

While I’ve been preparing for my tour I’ve been working on editing book 2 of the series called Dark Betrayal, while silmataiously writing book 5, called Dark Revelation. Its really amazing to see how the series evolves. It is a rollercoaster ride that will entice everyone that reads it.

Also to kick off the holiday season, I will be hosting a .99 Black Friday special for my book, Swept into the Darkness, purchase available through Smashwords. I will post the coupon code as soon as the promotion begins.

Happy Holidays


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My book tour for my angel vampire fantasy novel Swept into the Darkness: Chronicles of the Celestial book one, starts Monday August 5. Hosted by Promotional Book Tours, the tour will consist of several stops across the internet. I will be featured on blogs, have reviews of my book, and also be interviewed and guest posting throughout the tour. I am giving away an awesome prize, so stop by during my tour and enter the contest to win.
Links are included on the Promotional Book Tours web site, under Swept into the Darkness. Also I will post the link to my tour site every day of my tour.
I look forward to you all participating!

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Swept into Darkness was a fantastic book to read. It entangled Angels both good and bad along with Greek mythology which kept me hooked.
Sydney, she blames herself for her fathers death and her mother being in a mental institute because of what happened to her father.
Sydney was no ordinary girl though she had abilities of seeing things before they happened and seeing other being.
With her best friend dying and her going on a journey or self discovery but ends up finding out that she is half human half angel and who her true mother is, but that is not all, The dark angels want her to join their counsel.
This is an absolute brilliant book and I could not put it down. It was written really well.

This review was provided by Racheal
Blog tour stop one courtesy of http://stressedrach.co.uk

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