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Cloudy Skies
Falling Leaves
Creepy Crawlies
And Dark Dreams

Wolves Howl
Vampires Prowl
Searching For Their Prey
Out And About
The Ghosts Roam
Haunting Night And Day

Things That Go Bump In The Night
Screams That Are Fueled By Fright
AS The Dead Come Back To Life…

“Do you know the terror of he who falls asleep? To the very toes he is terrified, because the ground gives way underneath him, and the dream begins.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
Have a Frightening Halloween!


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Carrie directed by Kimberly Peirce and starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore is the retelling of a classic, based on Stephen King’s novel. The story is about a religious teen girl that is extremely withdrawn and is consistently bullied to a degree that is unimaginably hurtful.
Carrie has the unique gift of telekenic powers and researches it’s origins,and tries to perfect her ability.
Carrie’s life is not just complicated at school,but her home life is also very difficult, as she deals with a religious crazy mother, (portrayed by Moore)Carrie is abused physically and emotionally. Its not until she is invited to Prom by Tommy Ross where she starts to defend herself. As she tries to recoup from a disturbing lockeroom prank she makes an attempt to try to fit in by accepting the invitation.
Prom night turns into a night of carnage as the final prank of the evening ends deadly.
Female directors are underrepresented in the world of Hollywood,so I must say that Peirce did a great job representing women in the industry. The film focused more on Carrie’s powers and the commotion among friends, but it still was entertaing. Chloe did a nice job holding her own, and Moore’s portrayal of Margaret was a unique take on an old character. The original role played by Piper Laure is irreplaceable and priceless.
I love the representation of Carrie’s powers in the movie, they had a life of their own and every time she used them, it sucked me in even more. The special effects were engaging and eye catching. If your looking for a lot of gore then this movie is for you. The anticipation to see the Prom scene intensifies with every moment.
I give this movie 3.5 stars.
Have a frightening week!!

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Top Ten Horror Icons of all Time

Here is my list of the top ten horror Icons in horror movie history, starting with my all time favorite, Freddy Kruger. Kruger is known for his comical antics, but he is most importantly known as the “nightmare” coming to haunt your dreams and kill your “reality.” If you cone across Freddy, most likely you won’t live to tell it.

Each one of these characters have that special element that makes them unique to the genre. Those elements can include supernatural powers from the depths of darkness or the power of insanity. Having the power to be an unstoppable killing machine, no matter how the average man tries to defeat him, they just keep coming back. Whichever one it is, the horror icon is looked upon as a strong entity that brings us fear and opens us up to a whole new realm of imagination. Another element that makes the horror icon so intriguing is the concept of evolution. My list of characters with the exception of “Norman” and “Hannibal” all made their appearance on the silver screen during the dawn of the classic 80’s horror age. Within that period, they each have passed the test of time, to evolve and become something more than just a phase of pop culture. The evolution of these characters have transformed into a phenomenon of creativity, that can be defined in one word as “ART.” The 80’s was the period or reformation of horror creativity, and it gave horror a new villian to look forward to, where fans could add fun to their fear experience.
1.Freddy Kruger
2.Micheal Myers
3.Jason Voorhees
5.Norman Bates
11. (Bonus) Leprechaun
Honorable Mention
3.The Wolfman
4.The Mummy
Have a frightening weekend!!

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Curse of Chucky directed by Don Mancini, stars Brad Dourif, and the horror legend’s real life daughter-Fiona Dourif. This movie marks the 25th anniversary of the Child’s Play franchise.
The story picks up where Seed of Chucky left off, as it follows a woman named Sarah that receives a mysterious package. That package turns out to be a Good Guy doll, and before the night is over she is dead.
Nica (Fiona Dourif) is left to plan her mother’s funeral along with her older sister Barb, and her husband Ian. A night of family time ends up becoming an evening of terror as Chucky unleashes his wrath of murder upon them.
Only a true fan of the series would appreciate this movie. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a blockbuster not even “made for television” worthy, but for those who have been looking for some kind of closure to a story that seemed to be never-ending- this is the film for you.
The death scenes were average, some of the past films within the franchise were more creative, but I applaud the effort. As a fan of Chucky, I was happy to see the Brad had taken on the role again. The classic Chucky humor was not as evident. This film was a bit darker than the others,but I still enjoyed it.
Charles Lee Ray’s past resurfaced again, and this time many questions were answered, and his fate was rewritten as he finally accomplished his goal.
I give this movie 2.5 stars
Have a frightening weekend!

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October is my favorite fall month. It’s a time for cozy blankets, hot cocoa, and watching some of the best horror, that the genre has to offer.
This season the world of television and film has a wonderful array of horror shows and movies due to debut within the next week or so.
The Walking Dead and American Horror Story are two of the most anticipated shows returning to the small screen this year, and the excitement is building as the premiere draws closer. AMC will host a WD marathon,starting from the very moment of the Zombie Apocalypse.
A remake of the 1970’s Carrie starring Julianne Moore is about a socially challenged girl that has telekinetic powers, and tries to cope with being bullied and attempts to fit in a world she doesn’t belong. It expected to hit theaters October 18th, and I believe that it will become an instant modern day classic.
Throughout this month I will feature classic and modern horror reviews on my blog.
I will go into detail and deeply delve into what it means to experience horror in a way that twists the imagination and alters your mind.
Have A Frightening Day

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