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The season 4 Finale of the Walking Dead was a bone chilling episode that wanted me itching for more. After several disappointing episodes without Rick Grimes getting any kind of camera time, last night’s episode surly put things back on track.
Rick shares a very nice moment with Michone as they relax and sit by a fire. Surrounded by pitch blackness, the two are alarmed by a strange sound in the woods. Joe and guys from the mysterious house finally catch up to Rick. Clearly a similar scene taken right from the comic books, give or take a few changes, Rick looses his cool as Carl and Michone’s lives are threatened. Daryl comes out of shadows to vouch for Rick. He puts his own life on the line and is punished for not telling the “truth.” Rick and the others defend themselves and we see a side of Rick surface, which has been suppressed for very long time.
After a run in with the “Claimed” gang, and reuniting with loner Daryl Dixon, Rick and his crew find Terminus. Rick makes an important move by burrying some of his guns right off the property.
The crew seeks refuge, but within a few minutes Rick notices Hershal’s watch, Glenn’s riot gear and Maggie’s poncho. He demands to see his people and soon he is attacked and led to a containment unit. Once inside he discovers that Glen, Maggie,along with Sasha and some friends are captured as well. The official reunion was nothing but a questionable greeting, as the show ended with Rick saying that “these people don’t know who they are messing with.”
Now we are left to wait until October to find out what will happen.
Overall the finale was great, and I hope that the writers stay focused on Rick. They must not forget that this is Rick’s journey and that the experiences are being told from his point of view. In addition to the group being reunited,
There were some important flashbacks that showed Hershal’s impact and influence on Rick. It was nice to see him be part of the finale. It gave us a chance to remember him again, and it gave Rick a chance to open up and really embrace who he is as a person and keep the cycle and balance between humanity and survival.
Next Season! I’m counting it down!!
Now we just have to survive the wait!


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As Aj’s life hangs in the balance, his family stands by his side to support and comfort him. Monica and Michael try to make sense of the whole incident while they prepare for Dr. Patrick Drake to work his neurological magic on Aj. Ava and Sonny go on with their lives. As they try to maintain their alibis, Anna and Dante do their best to pick up the pieces in solving the crime.
Sabrina has caught on to Carlos’ lies as too many coincidences have fallen into place.
After being questioned at her apartment by Anna and Dante, Ava
shockingly returns to Aj’s room at GH prepared to finish him off, but I know that that moment will be interrupted by someone else coming into the room. They will catch Ava and she will once again lie her way out of a tight situation.
I must give Ava credit, she is talented in being deceitful.

As far as Ava and Silas’ issue, I believe that Ava is innocent. Silas’ wife is alive and she is the one that is trying to set him up. She is following Silas and Sam, setting things into motion to slowly bring him down. She killed the pharmacist and will soon make her presence known.
Happy Friday!!!L.L.

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I’ve been on the edge of my seat this entire week as the events of GH intensify. Aj was shot yesterday by none other than Sonny. And now that snake Ava has Sonny right where she wants him. I have to admit that the plan to have her brother framed for Aj’s attempted murder is clever,but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. For some reason I want to see Julian happy and in a situation where he is not in some kind of trouble.
I just wished that Aj would have blurted out that Ava killed Connie. He had time, and just maybe Sonny would have turned the gun on Ava.
Now that Aj has been wheeled into GH, and Elizabeth phoned Michael to tell him,this whole Aj shooting will confirm to Anna that Aj was telling the truth. This will come back to haunt Sonny.

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It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything related to my Chronicles of the Celestial series,and that is because I’ve been so busy finishing up the last book in seris titled Dark Revelation.

The book is a final in so many ways. Sydney,my main character fights and survives the apocalypse. Many sub storylines and character plots come to a close. Sydney and her guardian angel Angelo take the next step in their relationship and the Earthly Realm is on the verge of healing from Ultimate Devastation.

There are some plots that I did leave open on purpose, so that I could go back to them. It’s hard to say goodbye to characters that you’ve grown to love throughout the years. I’ve had a really tough time coming to grips with ending the series. I’ve decided to pick up where I left off in Dark Revelation and begin a new series starring Sydney and other well developed characters I’ve created for COTC.
I will announce plans for the new series as soon as it is developed.
Happy Reading

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