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As we all start the recovery process from Hurricane Sandy, slowly I have started to get back on track with everything.  My heart goes out to all the families that lost their homes as a result of Sandy.  May God be with you and deliver you out of this disheartening period in your lives.

I usually don’t blog this early but the baby is sleeping and work is delayed because of the snow so I decided to take this opportunity to write a long overdue blog post.  I will begin with updates concerning Swept into the Darkness Book one.  My promotion was delayed because of the storm, but now things seem to be falling into place again.  I am waiting for the latest edition of my proof to arrive, which I ordered a few moments ago.  As soon as I review it and approve it, the paperback will be available for purchase.  I am striving for perfection and that takes time, patience and money.  It’s amazing how long and tedious publishing a book can be.  On my original timeline, book one and two were supposed to be published and available to readers.  When it is finished it is finished.  Despite all the work that comes with publishing, I really love it.  The more I write and work on my books the more passion I gain for my craft.  The feeling is indescribable.

Announcements will be made on my blog as well as via Twitter and Facebook once the book is up for purchase.  My Facebook release party is in a couple of weeks.  I am just waiting to confirm my official date and will announce that once I get more info on that.  If you cannot wait for a paperback, Swept into the Darkness is available on all distribution channels as an eBook, which includes Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Book two in the Chronicles of the Celestial Series will be titled Swept into Betrayal.  The book is in the process of being typed.  It is complete but I am making some changes as I go along.

There are many promotional events that are being planned for the release of Swept into the Darkness.  As they begin to unfold I will make sure that they are announced.

Be Safe, Happy and Healthy

Happy Reading and Writing


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So much has been going on with my book since I last blogged about Swept into the Darkness.  The paperback version on my book will be coming out early October and will be sold on Amazon.com.  Currently I am reading the proof copy of the paperback.  I will be making some subtle changes within some of the chapters. It’s amazing the mistakes you can find even after you have read and reread the book several times and even had it edited multiple times!  October is also Indie Author month, and to celebrate all Indie authors I will be participating in a Facebook book promotion.  The event has been extended until the end of November so I will have a book cover spot on November 26th.  Also my official book release will be coming up soon and the actual dates will be announced via my site and twitter once I get those dates approved by my book release host.  That event will also take place on Facebook and will be by ” SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY.”  I am in the process of obtaining some nice prizes for my upcoming Goodreads promotion which will be announced within the next couple of weeks.  In addition to that I am looking for readers to review my book.  So if anyone is interested in providing me with a review please drop me an email and I can send a PDF copy of my book to be reviewed.  I am only looking for the serious reviewer.

As I am working on promoting Swept into the Darkness Chronicles of the Celestial book one, I am typing up book two and writing book three.  Busy, busy, busy.  Please note that this weekend I will post part three of my fall movie preview series.  I know that many of you have been coming on to look at my previews.  I apologize for being late with part three.  I just have been so busy with my book not to mention that I have a new baby at home.  🙂

Happy reading and writing!!!


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