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                       Today I was going over in my head what I was going to write about on my blog.  I came across a few ideas but as I started to pull up the WordPress site I had to get my frustration out about certain changes concerning various forms of networking.  Last week it started off with the whole Facebook thing.  Facebook made major changes to their mobile network and now we can’t even view comments that people post on our own pages.  The whole set up is different and even the actual regular version continues to change.   I know that there can always be improvements when it comes to a site like FB but really enough already.   I do not like change.  I love putting something down and going back to it the way I left it.  I usually keep my same routine and make changes as necessary.  I go to the same gas station and pretty much drive to work taking the same route everyday. LOL! It is the consistency that I love about my life that makes everything go smoothly and keeps me sane. smile.  

                       A couple of days ago I went on my WordPress to write my usual blog entry and I notice that my whole page has changed.  I can’t even find where to write my posts.  Nothing is the same as it was.  The menu of choices used to be located on the left side of the page when you pulled it up but now I have click random buttons just to find out what each one does so I can get to where I need to.  The same thing just happened today.  Let me not even talk about the crap that Netflix is putting customers through by splitting the company into two, One for streaming and the other for mail in movies.  Come on, why do companies feel the need to change things when people are not complaining about them?  They don’t even bother to ask us, as customers or clients, do we think something needs to be changed.  I hope that they all get with the program and stop making unnecessary changes.  It is so frustrating to go to a place, expect one thing and get another.  I hope they are listening.  IF IT IS NOT BROKEN DON’T FIX IT!!!!

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Three Wishes

                  Standing in the middle of a dark cavern,  rocks and sand are all around me.  The danger of bloodthirsty creatures hide in the darkness ready to strike at the perfect moment.  The only light that illuminates my path is a torch that I carry,   going dim by the second.   Always hungry for adventure my thrill in life is searching for a great treasure.     Separated from the companions that accompany me,my water supply is low and communication from the outside world is lost.  Maneuvering at a slow pace the air is stifling and my chest is growing tighter.  The map I once carried was destroyed.  I have no idea where I am.  The terrain is unstable and narrow.  With one sudden move, the earth trembles with great force.  My body fell stumbling over a large object that is partially buried deep in the sand.  The torch dies out as it hits the ground and I begin to panic.  Feeling my way around with both hands, I try pulling the object out from its resting place.  Hearing the hissing of snakes made the tension in the cavern more intense.  Unwillingly rubbing what feels to be an ancient artifact, a noise sounding like crashing waters emerges in front of me.  No longer able to rely on my sense of sight I listen carefully.  Something hovers above me and I do not know what it is.  My heart throbbed with fear.  The unknown entity breathed in my face.  Knowing that there is no way out, I fixed my back against the jagged surface of the rocky walls.  It speaks to me in my mind, claiming that it is a Jin and that it will grant me three wishes.  Sighing deeply I do not know what to do.   So many dreams, so many wishes a person has in a lifetime and of course my opportunity would come at a time like this.  I must be careful though.  A Jin can be your biggest nightmare granting you wishes at a grave cost.  This may be my only chance to see the light of day again.   Are three Wishes even worth my possible demise?  What should I do?

What would you do if you were in this situation?

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         There are so many ways that people can be inspired to create beautiful things.  Inspiration is one of those magical elements that we as humans are influenced by in positive ways.  We then use a variety of mediums to create what ever it is that we are inspired to make.  The sources that inspiration evolve from come from an infinite universe.  A word, a thought, a gentle smile, a flash of an image, the sound of a pulsating rhythm, the idea is limitless.  Can anyone really answer the question of where your inspiration comes from?  Well for me I can not give a direct answer to that.  Different projects require different forms of inspiration just like different projects require various tools in order to create.  Our society is filled with so many forms of creativity, to the basic painting and poem to the detailed complicated movie, play or designer fashions.  Inspiration and Creativity go hand in hand.  Without one there is no other.  Can you answer the question where does your inspiration come from?

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                  The Apocalypse is an event that global society has been talking about since the dawn of time.  The early civilizations such as the Mayan and Incas created calendars, folklore and Myths centered around the potential events that will lead to the end of the world.  Christians and other religious institutions look to the Bible and other texts to learn about the concept and try to prepare themselves spiritually and physically.  Even scientists have gotten on board with the whole idea in attempts to warn the public through media outlets like shows broadcasted on channels like History, History International, Discovery,  Green, Biography, Science, and the infamous NatGeo.  Scientists are on the look out for any potential threats that could jeopardize mankind in the hopes of doing everything in their power to stop the inevitable from happening.  From Super Volcanos, to massive earthquakes, tsunami’s to disease, famine, global warming, and economic turmoil, the world is presently going through a series of devastating changes that one day could lead to the demise of this world and humanity as a whole.

                 Through the ages many people have come have gone, presenting themselves to society as prophets claiming to have the gift to see into the world’s future and the possible devastating events that will plague the earth and it’s population.  The most popular credible predictors of the future are Nostradamus from early France and the American Edgar Cayce.  Both impacted the world in such a way that many people today live by their life’s work.  As a Christian I believe in the prophets of Daniel and the book of Revelation.  I also believe in the work of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.  It is frightening to think that within a split second all of this could be over, Especially for those people like me who are just starting their lives out newly married, and are looking forward to a life of endless possibilities with children, travel and launching new careers.  We all deserve to live our lives in ways we see fit, to experience this world and everything it has to offer us. 

                With all of the warning signs out there, and December 21, 2012 practically around the corner what are you doing to prepare your self?  The most difficult part about that question is what are you preparing for?  Earthquake, catastrophic hurricane, asteroid impact, famine?  This list goes on and on.  How can you really be prepared for something like that?  Hundreds of Thousands and possibly millions of people have been stalk piling food, first aid kits, and other materials that they believe they will need the day the End is near.   Some people have even invested over hundreds of thousands  of dollors in hiring contractors to custom build underground bunkers and communities deep within the mountains of undisclosed locations.  Many of them do not realize that if a disaster at a major magnitude occurs they will not be so safe in the mountains.  Besides are people planning to stay in dark for ten years of longer?  No one really thinks of that.  It may take centuries for the world be able to support human life once again.   Most people prepare for up to five years of less.  If this Earth goes through something so devastating who’s to say that the Earth will be safe enough for those surviving humans to resurface again? ( Check out a great series called “Life after people”   it explains what happens to the world after humans has vanished from the Earth. ) What if you can not afford to purchase a bunker? I know I cant.  We can only do what our means allow us.  Is it the rich that has the chance to survive?  What about everyone else, the really good people who work hard to provide for their families and help members of society in effective ways?

              Some of you might think I have so much to say on this subject, and wonder am I prepared.  Well the answer is no.  I am in the process of preparing for something.  The list is made, now I just have to put my plans into action.  It still may not help but what ever I do I hope it will be effective.  Water, non perishable foods, first aid kits, medication, short wave radio, warm clothing, boots, in addition to an evacuation plan will be considered.  Large cities are areas that people must get out of.  Heading for the hills is the saying that applies here.  Do you believe that the government has something in effect to save certain people like the movie 2012 starring John Cusack?  I believe they do.  Normal Joe’s and Johanna’s will be lost in the devastation.  Tell me, How are you prepared for the Apocalypse?


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        We all know the stories about vampires and their origin, but with the modern age of the Vampire comes new and innovative methods involving their love life, specifically reproduction.  I can understand the concept of a half vampire like Blade being able to reproduce because his mother was originally human, and then bitten during pregnancy. There are parts of him that know what it means to be human including his body.  Charline Harris’ take on Vampire reproduction is more realistic in my view.  She writes in her story that vamps can not have children.  True blood elaborates on the subject by saying that vampires can not reproduce or even breathe air, because they do not have electrical impulses in their bodies.  After all they are dead.  Which makes sence.  There are many Vampire novels out there that are testing the boundaries of the element of vampire, by allowing their characters to be able to have children.  Currently the most popular is Twlight “Breaking Dawn” by Stephenie Meyer.  Bella gets pregnant with Edward’s baby.  How is this possible?  I know it is a fantasy, and I understand the magical element concerning vampires, but to me it does not make sence.  The interesting part of being a Vampire is that you do not have a family tying you down.  You move from place to place experiencing the world and everything the thirst for adventure and blood has to offer.   You are alone and searching for purpose and love.  You are dangerous, mysterious and vicious.   Children?  I don’t think so.  The idea of children clashes with the lifestyle of being a Vampire, no matter what era you are considering.  Can you imagine Leather, Lace and baby blankets? Lol  What  do you think of Vampires having children?

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         For those of you who are real believers in the existence of extraterrestrials, they have just made themselves known to the global public, now what do we do?  How do we react to something like this for real?  For centuries man has been curious about the unknown worlds that make up our solar system and beyond.  We have studied the stars and even built civilizations as our guided influence in regards to the existence of aliens.  The Modern world has reinvented thoughts and ideas about them and even has exposed the general public to the concept in great detail with literature such as “Chariots of the Gods” by Erik Von Daniken and television shows like “Star Trek” and popular documentaries like Ancient Aliens.  Those mediums go into great detail to explain the theories and demonstrate proof of those theories by solid evidence marked by our global history.  They all come to one conclusion despite the vast array of information available and that is “We Are NOT Alone.”  So what now?  How does society handle such a thing?  I will tell you that many of us will be frightened.  We will have a fear in us that we still have not yet identified.  We will not know what their intentions are and we will not be able to keep living as if we are in the dark.  They will no longer lurk in shadows covered by various disguises.  They will bring with them things that we have never seen before.  Many of us will question our religious beliefs and feel lost and misguided spiritually.  Our world and society will be in such an unheaval.  Some of us may result in criminal behavior in the belief that the apocalypse has begun, others may make attempts to head for hills in trying to escape their possible wrath.  The world has entered the beginning of a “REAL” new Age.  This is something that all you Sci Fi buffs have read about, created for in movies, magazines and other innovative forms to entertain the world.  The imagination has come to life.  What will you do?  If you are not the type to head for the hills then may be you belong to the group that will fully embrace these beings, with peace and harmony and will do anything to be inspired by them.  How will you handle this?  How about being so obsessed with them that you believe they are divine creatures.  Expressing yourself through worship and appeasing them through sacrifices.  The Mayans did that.  Or maybe you despise them and their existence.  You view these beings as a threat and rebel against them by waging a war of the worlds.  What a question.  It is hard to tell exactly what I would do,or how I would react if these creatures if  theymade themselves known this very second.  I do know that I would be afraid for our race as humans and be concerned for the future of this planet.  There is a reason why they are here.  They will make that reason known very soon.  Many say it is our natural resources that they want, others say they want to re-enslave us, pulling the strings to control humanity.  What ever it is I will not lose my faith in God and I will stay true to HUMANITY.   Now WHAT?  How will you react?

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Netflix Fall Movies

         Last night I watched the final “SaW” movie and grew so upset that I missed the chance to see it in theaters when it was released nearly a year ago.  The movies are coming out so fast lately that I find it hard to keep up with all of the new releases.  SaW3D was a great end to wrap up the franchise.  Surprises lurk around every corner and unexpected cast members pop up and make the story a whole lot more interesting.   A couple of nights a go I saw Final Destination 3D, and was somewhat disappointed.  The death scenes with the make up and special effects were done well, but the overall storyline was basically the same.  They could  have changed the concept a little and wrote Tony Todd in as  officially the character of “Death” to add a twist of freshness to it, centering the plot more about him and the supernatural element of it.   Thor has been released on Netflix and Demand so I added it to my list today.  Hopefully I will get it in time for this weekend.  Conan, and Cowboys vs Aliens are two other movies I think will be very good and I looking forward to watching them. Hearing that Are you Afraid of the Dark was not what it was cracked up to be, I plan on putting that on my “Netflix list.” I have learned my lesson when it comes to movies and despite my busy schedule I will make it my duty to get to the theater when an upcoming movie is released.  So far I have a thing where if I feel that it is not a Blockbuster then I put in on my future  Demand or Netflix list.  Let’s see after I see these other movies.  Buried is after Thor. 

       To tell you the truth the Netflix data base in regards to new releases is not that impressive.  Comcast on Demand is more extensive in my opinion.  As Netflix increases their prices for customers to pay, they really need to step it up when it comes to providing a product that customers are genuinely satisfied with.   As a true movie Buff, I love watching older movies that I missed a year of two ago or even later.  I have no problem streaming something from the 80’s (my favorite decade) that I’ve never seen.  As I read comments and even chat with my husband about it, they are mostly saying the same thing, that they are starting to not like Netflix.  I am still willing to give it a chance and see what happens.  Hopefully they will listen to customers and respect our feedback.

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