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What can I say? In the beginning I wasn’t a fan of the Showtime hit drama series Dexter, but the moment I saw the first 5 minutes of season 1, episode 1, I was hooked.
Dexter Morgan played by the talented and creative Michael C. Hall tells the story about a Miami Metro Homicide Blood Spatter Analyst, that just so happens to be a notorious serial killer.
This has truly been the summer of Dexter for me and my husband as we are now caught up on the series, thanks to On Demand.
What can I say? Dexter has been through a lot since he was 3, witnessing his mother’s murder, started his killing rampage at a very young age.
Clearly disturbed, he manages to lead somewhat of a normal life in the day, and once night falls his “Dark Passenger” lives vicariously though him as he kills only people that meet the criteria of his code.
What is it about Dexter that is so darn appealing? As I watch the final season?, I just can’t answer that in one word, but there is something about him that is very likable, and intriguing. He is honest with himself, and is fully aware that is he is a “monster,” but I think for me, it is his humor, mysteriousness, and quirky behavior that draws me into him as a character.
Based on the bestselling book Darkly Dreaming Dexter, I started reading the first book and found myself comparing the book to the show. It’s nice to know that the writers at Showtime are pretty much staying true to the author Jeff Lindsey’s work.
The show is a masterpiece and I can’t believe this may be the final season.
Happy Viewing


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The New Line Cinema production, The Conjuring directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga was one of the best horror films I’ve seen this year.
The movie follows husband and wife paranorormal research team Ed and Loraine Warren.
Based on true events that happened in the early 70’s, the story is about a family that moves into a new home, that is haunted. As soon as they get settled in, the paranormal activity begins. The mother(Carolyn Perron) played by Lili Taylor and their young daughter seem to clearly be targets for the haunting entity. The activity is so traumatic that Perron quickly seeks the help of the Warrens. The Warrens set up an investigation in the home to present proof to the Vatican that the house is in need of an exorcism. The team learns that the house has a horrible history and are concerned for the survival of the family.
Ed is a demonologist and his wife Lorraine is a clairvoyant. Together they use their gifts to battle the entity that eventually possesses the mother Carolyn.
Wan and his team did a great job with authentically creating the time period. The costumes and overall set design including the actors character portrayals was definitely believable.
The story was well written and special effects were tastefully done and added to the telling of the haunting story. Evil Dead remake was the last movie that made me scream. If you are looking for a great horror movie to scare the s*** out of you, than The Conjuring is your movie. This is a must must see and I give it 5 stars. Well done New Line.
Happy Viewing
Note: I’d love to see a sequel for this film. It has great potential to begin a new franchise.

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My debut angel vampire fantasy novel, Swept into the Darkness: Chronicles of the Celestial book one was re-published June 2013. The book is available for purchase in eBook and paperback at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.
There is an upcoming book tour scheduled, beginning August 5th that will run for two weeks. The tour will be hosted by Promotional Book Tours. The tour prize is a 25.00 Amazon gift card. In the meantime there is a sumner promotional giveaway going on, hosted by goodreads. The promotion ends Sept 22, 2013, so head over to my book page and enter today to be a potential winner of a signed paperback.
Good Luck and happy reading.

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