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Writing and Publishing full time and becoming a new mom.

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As my pregnancy comes to close, I find it harder and harder to stay on top of all things I need to do when it comes to my writing.  Being pregnant is an extremely life altering venture that can be a full time job on it’s own.  It’s something that is very difficult to get used to.  And what I am going through is just the beginning (so I have been told.)  As far as Swept into the Darkness book one is concerned, I am very pleased that I was able to have the book published before the baby arrived.  Now I will continue to promote it.  It’s all about getting the word out there to interested readers.  I am taking one step at a time with my promotion.  My book trailer is complete and I am in the final stages of reviewing it before it is published on You Tube.  I am waiting for my book to finally enter the Smashwords Premium catalog and as soon as that happens I will submit my official press release.  Advertising and book tours and other promotions will follow in a timely fashion.  I am still writing book two, I was calling it Swept into Revenge, but with the changes of events and characters I ended up changing the title.  The new title will be announced in the next few weeks.  The interesting part about being pregnant is the fact that I have not been able to sleep, so at night my mind comes alive with the many elements that make literature such an intriguing and creative thing.  The plot to book three is in the works and I even have had time to really study the details of book one and book two in ways that answers lots of questions and reveals more about the Chronicles of the Celestial Series.  Swept into the Darkness Chronicles of the Celestial book one is available for purchase at smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Lataeya

Happy Reading!!



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Smashwords About LaTaeya Lane Author of Swept into the Darkness

My debut urban fantasy novel “Swept into the Darkness Chronicles of the Celestial book one has been officially published and is available for purchase on Smashwords.  Within the next couple of weeks my ebook will also be available on Sony, Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon.com .  It’s been a long time since I have had time to write on my blog because I was so busy with making the final edits on the manuscript.  It has been a long road to the finish line when it comes to publishing my book and when it comes to the publishing process the end is never near.  I am currently working on my book trailer which is expected to go live on you tube within the next week or so.  Promoting and advertising is next on the journey so stay tuned for a list of upcoming events and Book tour info.  The paperback version of my book will be released early Fall 2012.

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 The Avengers movie presented by Marvel Comics and directed by Joss Whedon,  stars a cast filled with household named Hollywood actors.  There is a major threat that looms upon the Earth and it’s survival.  Recruited by Nick Fury, The Avengers aka Iron man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawk Eye and Captain America come together to battle Thor’s great enemy, his step brother the God Loki.  Loki plans to take over the Earth and rule over the human race by any means necessary.

The movie takes the theater goer on an action packed thrill ride that comic book fans and fans of just plain great entertainment will never forget.  The writers and director blend the perfect amount of unique individual character development while staying true to The Avengers storyline, as well as their goal as a unified group.

Joss Whedon does a wonderful job with presenting the movie in a visually stunning manner by exposing the movie watcher with a variety of stimulating scenes and worlds without loosing focus in over exaggerated special effects.  The themes of strength, perseverance, survival and team work are combined in ways that work well together.  It tells a well written story and leaves the movie goer completely satisfied, entertained, and contemplating what is yet to come in the sequel.

This movie is a definite must see and worth the extra cash for the 3D experience.  I give this movie five stars.

Happy Reading, Writing and Creating!!!

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