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Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad wrapped up the five season ground breaking show that follows a cancer stricken chemistry teacher as he ventures in a world of cooking and dealing the drug methamphetamine.

Walter White is on the verge of ending this chapter of his life as he attempts to tie up all of the loose ends involving his drug empire.
The finale had its highs and lows, but still didn’t disappoint me. The build up of events leading to the final scene were interesting. Lydia’s demise was classic BB and made me root for Walt even more.
The final scene where Walt goes to negotiate a deal with Todd and his Uncle is epic. He saves Jesse and kills everyone that was a threat to him and his family. The excitement is intense!
Walt tries to get Jessie to kill him,but Jesse refuses.
Walt quickly realizes that he has been shot and accepts his fate to die. He and Jesse exchange glances after Walt ends a phone call to tell Lydia that he poisoned her.
They share a moment of emotion then Jesse drives away. Walt wanders into the meth lab and it is there,where he dies.
I finally caught up with watching the show over the summer, and they had me before the first episode ended. I hate to see the series end and I hope that there will be a spinoff movie in the future. I look forward to “You Better Call Saul” once AMC officially begins production on that project.
Congrats to AMC and the cast and crew of Breaking Bad!!!
Happy Monday!


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I was so disappointed with the Dexter finale, that I’d considered not writing a review.
As a huge fan of Michael C. Hall and the show, I just can’t figure out what the heck the writers at Showtime were thinking when they came up with the final storyline for season 8.
Seasons one through seven,fans went on a thrill ride with Dexter as he learned about who he was as a monster with human qualities. We fell in love with him and his character. Everything just fell into place, even once Deb learned that her brother was a killer.
We have come to grips with a lot of things when it comes to our Dexter. We’ve accepted him as a husband, father, dealt with him having a killing partner, accepted him and his weird relationship with his sister, accepted him going after respectable law enforcement and handled his new love interest- psycho girlfriend Hannah. But after all of that and more, there is one thing that we just don’t accept and that is a crappy ending to such a wonderful show.
I would have accepted the ending as is only if they would have added one final component and that was during the last scene when Dexter closed his eyes then opened them, I would have had him say, “Tonight’s the night.” then fade to black.
I think that everyone wanted to hear that. I just can’t believe the writers would stray so far off the path with him. Vogal’s son deserved to die on Dexter’s table!!!

Killing Deb, dumping her body, and Dexter driving his boat into a hurricane, only to be working as a lumberjack truck driver IS NOT AN ENDING!!!
I’m still so upset!

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Insidious Chapter Two, directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson is the continuation of a story about an entity that has crossed over into our world,as it haunts and terrorizes a family.
I’ve already read some reviews about the movie that basically give the movie a bad review,and I understand that everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to that.
From a writers’ perspective, I appreciate every written component that was put into the story. The whole idea was interesting and complex.
The movie picks up where the first one ends, after Josh brings his son back from the astral dimension of the Further.
As the family tries to settle back into a normal life and deal with the death of their paranormal researcher friend Lin, Josh soon realizes that he is still stuck in the Further and the spirit of a man with a disturbing past has inhibited his body in the realm of reality.
I won’t giveaway any more spoilers, but I will say that the movie wasn’t as scary as it could have been, and the effects were lacking in some areas. As for the writing and the overall storyline, it was captivating and drew me into the story completely. You have to see the first movie in order to follow the second, and in order to understand the second, you must have an appreciating for good writing.
I give this movie 3.5 stars
My next horror review will be Carrie, coming out Oct 18th.

Have a good fright!

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and even though it’s not official yet, I’m already in the mood to watch some awesome horror flicks.
My first horror review of the season is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. It was released early January of this year, but I just got around to seeing it this past weekend.
Directed by John Luessenhop and starring (The Lightening Thief’s Alexandra Daddairo) this horror continues the saga of masked murderer Leatherface.
The film picks up right after the 70’s original. After a girl reports that a masked man killed her friends, a group of townspeople torch the home of the Sawyers, in hopes of getting rid of the evil within the family.
Years after the horrific incident, a girl learns that she has inherited a home in Texas. She travels to the southern state with a group of her friends and before they can settle in, the bodies began to drop. She quickly learns that she is a survivor of the brutal town massacre and that she is directly connected to the family that was murdered.
The roles reverse for her, once she and her newly discovered cousin Jed becomes a target for the town to get rid of. Heather and Leatherface aka Jed team up in the name of family to survive the wrath of the town.
I thought this movie was pretty good. The death scenes could have been bloodier, but the overall storyline was interesting. Its a great start to a screaming horror season! Fans can check this out on Demand. I give this movie 3 stars.
Coming next week, Insidious Chapter 2 review.

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