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The Royal Wedding

The Royal wedding was such a wonderful sight to see. I was up at 2:30 am to catch the start of the day events. Congrats to the Duke and Dutchess. May you both live happy lives filled with love, trust, anf faithfulness. The Bride’s dress was beautiful, and she shinned bright like a star in the sky. Cheers and God bless the Royal Couple!!!


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Strange Stalker..cont

My heart was throbbing so fast, that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest.  The tension in the air became thick.  I had a feeling that my stalker knew I was there.  I had no weapon in my hand to defend myself.  I had to think of what my next move was going to be.  I heard his breathing, loud and deep.  He struggled to find my location, and I felt his frustration.  His grunts grew louder and louder.  I didn’t make a sound.  Never bothering to catch a glimpse of the figure I stood there  trying to keep my mind focused.  I noticed a shiny sharp object on the ground buried under a pile of leaves.  I slid down the bark of tree, making every attempt to not reveal my location.  I reached my hand as far as I could to grab the object.  It was a steel blade.  I held on to the blade tightly, trying not to cut my hand.  Positioning my self upright against the tree I prepared to strike a deathly blow…

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Strange Stalker

      The woods were dark and deep.  Filled with the emptiness of sorrow, the thick trees and bushes gave off a dull energy.  My heart pounded as I tried to catch my breath.  I observed my appearance and realized that my clothes were torn and covered in dirt.   I rested my back against the large bark of a tree.  I felt the shape of the hard surface and was hoping that, the tree would provide some kind of protection.  I silently said a prayer, and for a moment I believed that I  had outran my strange stalker.  My feet were bare and muddy.  My body trembled with fear and the chilly night air settled in my bones. Slowly I peered over my shoulder to see if  he was coming.  I suddenly heard the crackle of broken branches and the rustling of leaves heading in my direction.  I crouched down and became very silent, holding my breath, for if I made one sound I knew that it would be the death of me…

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Hello world!

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