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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug directed by Peter Jackson was absolutely Amazing!! The movie goer is immediately sucked into Bilbo’s adventure. The film opens with Gandalf and the Dwarf King Thorin meeting at the Prancing Pony, a familiar place that all fans reconigize from TLOTR.
The film moves quickly as Bilbo and the Dwarves continue their journey to The Lonely Mountian. On their journey they meet friends, and foes, and embrace many challenges along the way. The great evil that lurks in the shadows is introduced and Gandalf battles the evil to some degree. We are shown the power that lies within the gray wizard. The Woodland Realm Elves make their mark, as so many other story elements are revealed. The on screen presentation of The Dragon Smaug mentally and creatively altered my imagination. Every aspect of this film demonstrates a form of creativity that I have never seen or experienced before. The actors, special effects, score, writing, and director was spectacular! Peter Jackson is a creative genius and should be considered for a life time achievement award in film. This movie is a must see. Jackson and Tolkin has elevated the fantasy genre to such a degree that I don’t think no one else can top. I give this movie 5 stars! I’ve got to see it again OMG!


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The Walking Dead mid season finale aired this past Sunday on AMC, and I must say that it was one of the best episodes in a very long time.
The return of The Governer had a traumatic impact upon everyone in the prison, as he tried to force his way in. Rick, no longer claiming leadership of the group was forced to take that role again in hopes to negotiate a deal with The Governor as Philip holds Michone,and Hershel as hostages. Things grow in intensity as The Governor is on the verge of waging a war against Rick. As Rick pleads with him, to release Hershel and Michone, The Governor holds Michone’s sword up to Hershel’s neck. Everyone in the prison looks on as they prepare for to defend their land. Just as Rick thinks he has come to an agreement for everyone to live in the prison peacefully, The Governor brings down the sword upon Hershel, slicing his neck. The heartbreaking scene is difficult to watch. The emotion behind the actors is award winning as you feel the same pain as they do. Rick, Maggie and her sister are iconic as believable characters. The bullets immediately start flying the moment Hershal falls to the ground. The Governer finishes the job by chopping off Hershel’s head. Michone escapes and Rick and The Governer go head to head in the fight of their lives. The moment Rick is down, Michone saves him by planting her sword in the Governer. As everyone takes cover, and makes an attempt to flee the now destroyed prison, Rick’s group is “broken” and separated. Judith is missing but a bloody car seat is left behind. Glen is on the bus with the people of Woodberry, while Daryl and others try to regroup after the destruction. The final scene is a heartwrentching one that is parallel to the comic book as Rick and Carl flee up the hill away from the ruins of the prison.
The action was non stop and it prompted me to re-read the books. I’m on book 7. This particular episode was more of a season finale than a midseason finale. The show is now elevated on many levels and I just hate that we have to wait until February to see what happens.
Read the books to pass the time!

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