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Time Flies

OMG It has been a while since I have blogged.  The summer is going by fast.  I have been writing away on my new book.  Writing a book is a lot of work.   Not to mention how much time I’ve put into researching marketing and promotion prospects.  It is a lot of fun and extremely rewarding.  I feel complete when I am writing.  It is something that has been part of me since my mom put my first crayon in my hand.  I will not mention the title or plot of the book but I will say that it is a fantasy and definitely a page turning adventure.  I am very excited to complete the project and get it out and published.  I already have some great ideas for Book 2 and will start on that as soon as I am done with the first one.  See ya


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“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” Directed by Rupert Wyatt and Starring Andy Serkis and James Franco is an interesting story about a genetic scientist that creates a gene strand that possibly could be the cure to many diseases including Alzheimer’s which Will’s Father suffers from.  Determined to make the gene work successfully Will tests the gene strand on an Ape.  Things go terribly wrong when the Ape’s looses control and is killed in the lab.  Will and a colleague soon learn that the Ape did not lose control but was simply protecting her unborn baby.  Will is caught in a tight situation and is left to parent the orphaned Ape.  Taking on the name Ceaser.  He is brought home and soon becomes a member of the family.  Will discovers that Ceaser is extremely smart and finds out that the gene strand the Mother ape had, was passed on to Ceaser.  As time goes on the intelligence of Ceaser increases.  Will gets anxious and deeply concerned about his father’s heath deterioration and soon injects his father with the gene.  From there on the storyline deepens as the relationship between the two main characters intensifies.  Jaw dropping action,  and shocking scenes will leave you on on the edge of your seat.  Andy Serkis does an outstanding job with his portrayal of the main character Ape.  His acting is extremely believable.  I can see first hand how CG technology has evolved since “The Lord of the Rings” and “Avatar” graced the silver screen.  The emotion that Serkis displays has a tremendous impact upon the movie goer.  James Franco also does an impeccable job delivering an unforgettable role.  Overall the movie is a must see, Wyatt is very inspiring in his ability to visually captivate the audience.  I give this movie a stunning five stars for a wonderful storyline, and creative realness.

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