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The second movie within my fall preview series is a film called The Possession.  Produced by Sam Raimi and Ghost House Pictures this movie follows the true story of a family experiencing demonic possession.  When a little girl becomes crazy obsessed with a small-sized wooden box that she purchased from a local garage sale, life in the home starts to get unsettling.  As Em’s obsession for the box grows, her behavior becomes more peculiar with time. The haunting activity within the home is indeed disturbing.  Em’s parents do everything they can to seek answers as they make an attempt to save their daughter from the evil spirit that inhabits her soul.

I know some of you may say ” Not another demonic possession movie!”  but really as a true horror fan, for me I can not get enough of these type of horror movies.  Always excited about what Raimi produces creatively, I feel that this movie is going to do well for opening weekend.  Starring Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffery Dean Morgan, Raimi will no doubt fill seats in theaters in anticipation for this film.  I am looking forward to seeing some classic Raimi represented in the film and hope that this makes a lot of noise at the box office.  The movie is  expected to open in theaters August 31st.

Check out the trailer below, Enjoy!!


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I checked out my sources and it seems like this fall and winter is going to be great season for new movies.  There are so many good movies to be released that I decided to do a series of movie previews on my site.  As the summer officially comes to a close I get geared up for the fall and expect a nice array of horror flicks to be released in theaters and on DVD.  A few movies to put you in the scary mood are first and foremost a movie called The Apparition, starring some familiar faces from Twilight, Harry Potter and Captain America: The First Avenger.  This movie tells an interesting story about a group of students that set out to prove that supernatural and paranormal events can occur if you create them in your mind and believe in the idea that you created. Check out the trailer below.  This movie is to be released August 24th.  Just by watching the trailer I am sold on the whole idea and really hope that it does a decent job in theaters.  For those die-hard horror fans that appreciate the genre, I think that you will give it a shot and be happy that you did.  Enjoy the trailer and Happy Reading and Writing!! L.L


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Directed by Christopher Nolan and Starring Christine Bale and Micheal Caine, The Dark Knight Rises is the third film in the modern “Batman” franchise.  Eight years after the death of Harvey Dent, and life long friend Rachael Dawes, Gotham City does it’s best to cope with the loss of a hero.   A broken Bruce Wayne is now isolated and disconnected from a world where he was always in view of the public. Two new villans take the scene in this film, a lovely thief that makes her way in the world by kicking ass and stealing,(Catwoman, played by Ann Hathaway) and a masked protector that seeks nothing but the traditional thing that most superhero villans want; money, power and control over others (Bane,played by Tom Hardy).  As Bane terrorizes the city, a distraught Bruce Wayne aka Batman slowly but surly makes his way back into the limelight trying to protect Gotham and it’s citizens from destruction.

As Bruce Wayne continues to deal with loosing people he loves, the inner struggle he faces grows more intense.
Despite the reconstruction of Wayne manor, the scars that Bruce carry run deep within his spirit and help him to evolve into an even more complex character than we are used to seeing.  Nolan does a wonderful job continuing the telling of “Batman’s” story through the camera lens.  The introduction of the new villans and the directions they are taken  in puts an interesting twist on the overall story.  The action scenes were wonderful as would be expected from a Nolan film.  The all-star cast each played their parts well and made their roles believable and unique to their portrayal.  The special effects were engaging and appropriate for a film of this caliber.  The end has some surprises for sure, and will have the movie goer in tears and in all smiles.  This Blockbuster movie is a must see!! I give The Dark Knight Rises Five stars and hope that a fourth film may surface so that the Batman legacy will continue.

Happy Reading


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 Snow White and the Huntsman directed by Rupert Sanders and starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron tells the classic fairy tale with a very dramatic twist.  The struggle for power, beauty and immortality are the basis that supports the over all theme of good vs evil.  Kristen Stewart plays a Snow White that is rarely portrayed when it comes to fairy tale princesses.  The character demonstrates strength and perseverance as she sets out on a journey to survive being hunted, avenge her father’s death and to save the kingdom from permanent darkness.   Unfortunately  I feel that Stewart was not a good choice for the role of Snow White.  I understand the goal of  the casting director but Stewart did not do a good job with the character portrayal.  I just saw her as a modern girl who was thrown into period costume, making an attempt to portray a fairy tale princess.  Her mannerisms were way too Bella like, and I kept seeing Bella push through the Snow White character.

On the other hand the Queen played by Theron was a perfect choice of casting right along with the Huntsman played by Hemsworth.  Both characters had a very interesting story that continued to draw movie goers deeper into the fairy tale.  The darkness within Theron was extremely engaging, the more you saw her on camera the more you wanted to learn about her character.  Charlize was by far one of the best evil queens I have seen on silver screen.

The special effects and costumes were stunning and engaging.  They did not over shadow the mood of the movie or the storyline.  They both added to the realness of the environment.  The effects were used in methods that told the story in a way that our imaginations could only visualize.  The fantasy world demonstrated a vast array of creativity and innovativeness.  I was completely drawn into the elements of the magical land.

One major down fall in the movie was the portrayal of the dwarfs.  Played by various known actors, collectively they were not a major component to the story line like in the classic story.  The casting director should have picked real little people to play the seven dwarfs.  There are lots of little people actors out there that should have the opportunity to demonstrate their acting skills.  They would have also presented a more authentic feel representing their part of the story.

The movie has some good action that will keep you interested.  I give this movie three stars.

Happy Reading and Writing


Check out this movie clip

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The Woman in Black Directed by James Watkins and starring Daniel Radcliffe is a story about a young lawyer who is plagued with the grief of his wife’s death.  Now a single father Arthur Kipp must do everything he can to keep from falling apart.  He is sent on a job to a small village to retrieve paper work for a house that must be put back on the market.  Little does he know that this job would open him up to a world of paranormal activity and capture him upon the border between life and death.

This Spiritual Horror is based on the novel written by Susan Hill.  Set in the late 1800’s in a dreary England, the slow-moving beginning opens with the scene of three young girls playing happily.  Their happiness soon turns into despair when they suddenly stop playing and make their way over to the window to jump out.  Obviously not in their right minds,  This scene does not do too much for movie goers but we were all eager to take the theatrical journey.  After the suicide the movie proceeds to introduce the main character and his purpose.

On the verge of loosing his job, Arthur arrives at the remote village to begin his work.  He finds that the towns folk are very distant and unwelcoming.  There is something terribly wrong with the atmosphere of this town, and there is no doubt that Arthur feels the tension that the town is giving off.  He eventually settles in and makes his way over the house.  Transported by horse and carriage he arrives at the eerie mansion.  All alone he is left with his thoughts and the work he must do.  Once he settled in he, familiarized himself with the property and automatically is distracted by suspicious sounds and the visions of ghostly apparitions.  The subtlety of the activity up to this point is not impressive to me.  Creepy bumps, and other noises just makes Arthur feel like he must investigate the house and property.  What is interesting about this part is that Arthur learns some valid information about the owner of the house and her family history.    Fortunately by the time things slightly intensify he is picked up and must return to the village for the night.

At this point in the movie things really start to pick up as the director fully takes you into the story deeper.  A child ends up dead and Arthur’s presence sets off a chain of events that makes the towns folk more fearful than ever.  The ghostly superstitions that the town holds slowly surfaces  and turns real the longer Arthur works in the house and stays in the village.  Determined to get his work done to provide for his four-year son he decides to spend the night in the house to get more accomplished.  This night is the most chilling and is the turning point where the director and writers as a whole step it up in their cinematic delivery.  The woman in black makes her presence fully known as this thriller now officially turns into a horror.  Things go pump in the night and the haunting of this woman deeply intensifies.  Screams heard near and far, the movie is filled with suspense and action and keep you interested.

I do not want to provide any more spoilers but The Woman in Black for me was a fresh take on an old recurring theme.  It was not the traditional hunted house movie, despite some of the traditional elements, such as the screams, or the anticipation building music, and the parts where you think something is about to jump out but it is something totally non threatening.   Daniel Radcliffe preformed very well considering this is his first on-screen movie role since Deathly Hallows part II.  It was hard to not see Daniel as Harry.  I felt like his glasses and wand were missing in some parts, but I feel that taking on new and exciting adult roles will be great for his career.

Over all I think that the movie was quite thrilling and the director  and crew did a wonderful job with creating and drawing you into the authentic element of the original novelist’s vision.  I give this movie a B+ rating.  I cant wait to see what Radcliffe has planned for his next project.



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Paranormal Activity 3 Review

                  The Paramount produced Paranormal Activity 3 hit theaters officially Midnight on October twenty-first.  Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman the paranormal theatrical film had horror movie goers on the edge of their seats.  The prequel introduced the real origins of how the lives of two sisters have been turned upside down due to unexplained supernatural events.  The recovered video footage is set in a rural  town in 1988.  Strange occurences begin after a recording for a kinky love-making tape goes awry and an earthquake shakes things up in the house.  Both girls Katie and Kristi are a few years apart and for the most part share everything.  Katie starts communicating with an imaginary friend name Toby.  Kristi is a little more disconnected from the entity until he begins to grow violent towards her.  Activity in the house increases.  While the intensity that the directors deliver through the script and camera shots, the audience is suspicious of any and everything.  The unique shots also create an eerie feeling that draws the audience in.  The girl’s mother is in complete denial about what is happening but at the same time the live in Boyfriend feels the urge to get everything on tape.

                Fully aware of what is happening around him Dennis(the boyfriend) shows some of his footage to a colleague.  The colleague is open to the activity.  But it is not until  he  is face to face with a major supernatural encounter that scares him so much that he is willing to risk his job over it.   The events escalate to the point where the girls mom is made aware of the dark presence.  She and the family flee to her mother’s house where things just get weirder by the minute.  The climax of the movie is defiantly a shocker that you can expect from the franchise.   The fast moving film ties lots of loose ends together that were hanging in Paranormal Activity and the sequel. 

              I expect that there will be at least one more alternate ending for the film because there are a few clips from the trailer that did not even appear in the final production edit.  If you are looking for a good movie that will scare you this Halloween season then Paranormal Activity 3 is the movie for you.  I give this movie four stars.

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