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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It “Review”

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson and directed by Michael Chaves is the third film in the Conjuring Franchise. The film follows Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigate a murder that is potentially linked to a demonic possession. Documented as true events, we see two characters and a story that explores how strong Ed and Lorraine’s love for each other is. Ed and Lorraine are in a different stage in their lives and careers as they continue to battle the dark forces to save and protect the families they connect with.

Overall, this film was strong in its storytelling components. Wilson and Farmiga make a great pair, as their on-screen presence continues to charm movie goers. The supporting cast did not do much for me. I was hoping to see some storytelling blending between the court case and the haunting/exorcism, somewhat like the Exorcism of Emily Rose. There were some noticeable horror references throughout the film that were fun to point out, but I did feel like the first two films were much better than this latest installment. I was also looking for a deeper connection to the Nun in this film, but that also fell a bit flat. Since the Nun has appeared throughout the franchise, including a prequel, I was still hungry to see if there was more to that story despite the ending in The Conjuring 2. The special effects were average according to my expectations. This film did not give me that “jump out of my seat” feeling, but it was still worth watching and it was a lot of fun.

This was my very first in-theater post pandemic movie. I gave this movie 3 ½ stars. I highly recommend watching all the Conjuring Universe Films.


Check out the trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9Q4zZS2v1k


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Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and even though it’s not official yet, I’m already in the mood to watch some awesome horror flicks.
My first horror review of the season is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. It was released early January of this year, but I just got around to seeing it this past weekend.
Directed by John Luessenhop and starring (The Lightening Thief’s Alexandra Daddairo) this horror continues the saga of masked murderer Leatherface.
The film picks up right after the 70’s original. After a girl reports that a masked man killed her friends, a group of townspeople torch the home of the Sawyers, in hopes of getting rid of the evil within the family.
Years after the horrific incident, a girl learns that she has inherited a home in Texas. She travels to the southern state with a group of her friends and before they can settle in, the bodies began to drop. She quickly learns that she is a survivor of the brutal town massacre and that she is directly connected to the family that was murdered.
The roles reverse for her, once she and her newly discovered cousin Jed becomes a target for the town to get rid of. Heather and Leatherface aka Jed team up in the name of family to survive the wrath of the town.
I thought this movie was pretty good. The death scenes could have been bloodier, but the overall storyline was interesting. Its a great start to a screaming horror season! Fans can check this out on Demand. I give this movie 3 stars.
Coming next week, Insidious Chapter 2 review.

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The new Sony production Evil Dead will be released in theaters this Friday. The movie tells the story of a group of friends that go to a cabin in the woods to help one of their friends quit drugs cold turkey.
That part of the story is very different from the original, but there are many elements that are the same. The same concept of possession is the foundation of the storyline. This movie doesn’t seem to have any elements of comedy like the original, which makes me very happy.
One by one the friends become victims of possession, as a consequence of reading the book of the dead.
Blood,gore, body dismemberment all make up the basis of an excellent, horror movie experience.
I was surprised to hear that Bruce Campbell wasn’t going to make an appearance, but learned that he would have a role behind the scenes as one of the producers. I am so excited about this movie, and my husband just purchased the first tickets for Saturday night’s showing!! Enjoy everyone, and my review will be coming soon.

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  Well I know I am a little late but I finally had the chance to see the final two episodes of American Horror Story.  Thanks to OnDemand being so late with posting the season finale, I watched episode eleven and twelve last night.  Wow what a great season for a debut show.  It had me on the edge of my seat just as much as “Ringer” but that show is for a another post at another time.  I was shocked that Vivian went into labor so early in her pregnancy and ended up loosing both her babies and her life.  I could not believe that the doctor, nurse and some of the other ghosts made an appearance.  I could not get over the fact that Ben allowed them to touch his wife and deliver the babies.   Mother and daughter are together in death, which made me feel more comfortable knowing that Violet was no longer alone.  I was actually happy that she confessed to her dad Ben that she killed herself and that she was a ghost.  Constance and her storyline got stranger and stranger as the season proceeded.  I see now that she was not trying to change and really help out the Harmon family.  She has her own twisted agenda.  But at this point I have no idea what her plans are.  Now that Vivian is officially a ghost I was surprised that she took it so well but I really did want her to embrace her new life more directly after she died.  I guess the writers were waiting for that perfect moment after Ben joined the deathly gang.  Finally adhering to the warnings of Constance and even his dead wife and daughter Ben makes an attempt to flee the house but not in time to save himself or the baby.  His whore of an ex mistress bands together with other malevolent ghosts and hangs the poor man  above the main stairwell in the home.  The living twin goes missing and Ben is now a dead man.(This is the twin that is fathered by Tate)  The Harmon family are trapped in the house with other ghosts but it actually makes them closer as a family.  Vivian finds that her dead baby can be part of the family. (This is the twin that is fathered by Ben)  They openly accept their current condition and I guess there is no “unfinished business” when it comes to the three of them.  I was thrilled when Violet learned the truth about Tate and dismissed him.  And I found it quite interesting that the Harmon Family planned on driving out the new owners of the house.  For a second I thought that Tate was really going to make another kill.   Shocked that Tate went to Ben with a so-called apology.  I fully agree with Violet that Tate is the darkness.  He is one of the darkest entities that dwell in that home.  I think that Violet should go to her parents and seriously propose a full cleansing of the house to rid the property of all the other evil spirits.  During the Christmas scene I noticed that the Harmon family was the dominate group in the home.  With them displaying their strength now they have  the power to control whats goes on in that house.

Towards the end of the episode they fast forward to three years in the future.  Constance comes home from a hair appointment to find blood all over the place.  She discovers that the child she believes is her grandson has just murdered the babysitter.  I guess the apple does not fall from the tree. We all know what Constance is going to do, bury the body somewhere and clean up the blood.  I just want to know what is she going to do with this child?

American Horror story is a great show and I am curious to find out what the writers have planned for next season since the main characters  are all ghosts.  Personally I feel that the writing style and plot is somewhat similar to something  Steven King would do.  When I sit and watch the show I think of him.  I appreciate the creativeness that goes into making a show like this.  I get extremely excited and I am eager to see what else AH has in store for its fans.  For those of you who have not seen the show, I suggest you check it out as soon as you can.

Until Next time

Happy Reading and Writing!!

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