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Directed by Christopher Nolan and Starring Christine Bale and Micheal Caine, The Dark Knight Rises is the third film in the modern “Batman” franchise.  Eight years after the death of Harvey Dent, and life long friend Rachael Dawes, Gotham City does it’s best to cope with the loss of a hero.   A broken Bruce Wayne is now isolated and disconnected from a world where he was always in view of the public. Two new villans take the scene in this film, a lovely thief that makes her way in the world by kicking ass and stealing,(Catwoman, played by Ann Hathaway) and a masked protector that seeks nothing but the traditional thing that most superhero villans want; money, power and control over others (Bane,played by Tom Hardy).  As Bane terrorizes the city, a distraught Bruce Wayne aka Batman slowly but surly makes his way back into the limelight trying to protect Gotham and it’s citizens from destruction.

As Bruce Wayne continues to deal with loosing people he loves, the inner struggle he faces grows more intense.
Despite the reconstruction of Wayne manor, the scars that Bruce carry run deep within his spirit and help him to evolve into an even more complex character than we are used to seeing.  Nolan does a wonderful job continuing the telling of “Batman’s” story through the camera lens.  The introduction of the new villans and the directions they are taken  in puts an interesting twist on the overall story.  The action scenes were wonderful as would be expected from a Nolan film.  The all-star cast each played their parts well and made their roles believable and unique to their portrayal.  The special effects were engaging and appropriate for a film of this caliber.  The end has some surprises for sure, and will have the movie goer in tears and in all smiles.  This Blockbuster movie is a must see!! I give The Dark Knight Rises Five stars and hope that a fourth film may surface so that the Batman legacy will continue.

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