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The second movie within my fall preview series is a film called The Possession.  Produced by Sam Raimi and Ghost House Pictures this movie follows the true story of a family experiencing demonic possession.  When a little girl becomes crazy obsessed with a small-sized wooden box that she purchased from a local garage sale, life in the home starts to get unsettling.  As Em’s obsession for the box grows, her behavior becomes more peculiar with time. The haunting activity within the home is indeed disturbing.  Em’s parents do everything they can to seek answers as they make an attempt to save their daughter from the evil spirit that inhabits her soul.

I know some of you may say ” Not another demonic possession movie!”  but really as a true horror fan, for me I can not get enough of these type of horror movies.  Always excited about what Raimi produces creatively, I feel that this movie is going to do well for opening weekend.  Starring Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffery Dean Morgan, Raimi will no doubt fill seats in theaters in anticipation for this film.  I am looking forward to seeing some classic Raimi represented in the film and hope that this makes a lot of noise at the box office.  The movie is  expected to open in theaters August 31st.

Check out the trailer below, Enjoy!!



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I checked out my sources and it seems like this fall and winter is going to be great season for new movies.  There are so many good movies to be released that I decided to do a series of movie previews on my site.  As the summer officially comes to a close I get geared up for the fall and expect a nice array of horror flicks to be released in theaters and on DVD.  A few movies to put you in the scary mood are first and foremost a movie called The Apparition, starring some familiar faces from Twilight, Harry Potter and Captain America: The First Avenger.  This movie tells an interesting story about a group of students that set out to prove that supernatural and paranormal events can occur if you create them in your mind and believe in the idea that you created. Check out the trailer below.  This movie is to be released August 24th.  Just by watching the trailer I am sold on the whole idea and really hope that it does a decent job in theaters.  For those die-hard horror fans that appreciate the genre, I think that you will give it a shot and be happy that you did.  Enjoy the trailer and Happy Reading and Writing!! L.L


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