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Sinister directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Ethan Hawke and Juliet Rylance follows the life of writer Ellison Oswalt as he makes an attempt to write his next best-selling novel.  As he struggles to get back on his feet, he begins his writing journey with moving into a new home that has a horrid past.  Keeping that past a secret from his wife and children, Ellison is best known for writing books centered around real murderers and murder victims.  As the family deals with preexisting strain it does not take long for Ellison to realize that it was a mistake to move his family into the house.

After the official move, Ellison discovers a box of home movies in the attic.  Believing that the movies could be useful research for his book, Ellison views the films and learns that strangely the home movies consist of footage of the actual murders.  As he continues to view the films, he is drawn deeper into the darkness that comes with being in the house.  When paranormal disturbances become prevalent, Ellison learns that there is a dark entity that potentially is the source of the murders.  The dark entity is an “eater of children” and consumes their souls over the course of time. When Ellison’s children become the target , the survival of his family is number one priority.  For the first time, Ellison transitions into a “real believer.”

Usually before I see a movie, I have some kind of background knowledge about it.  In this case I knew nothing about the film or what to expect from it.  Derrickson did a great job with the team of writers, production crew and visual effects artists to create a horror film that was meant to live up to the goal of scaring you. Overall the movie was well done.  The script was written well and the character development was realistic in its delivery and was presented in a way that was believable.  Ethan Hawke is not normally seen in this type of film,, so it was a pleasure to see him take on a character like Ellison. The score and sound were two other elements that added to the fear and made the movie more intense.  The score was an extension of telling the story and created a more balanced component to the film.

The idea of a demonic entity preying on children obviously has been done time and time again but It still brought a freshness to the world of horror.  I highly recommend this movie as part of your Halloween film list this season.  All the theatrical elements combined make this movie very haunting and entertaining.  I give Sinister four stars for its dark and malicious components that “draw in” the horror movie fan that gets a kick out of “things that go bump in the night.”

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