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Marvel’s Spiderman Far From Home, starring Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal tells the story of how a young Peter Parker and the world learns how to pick up the pieces of life without Ironman aka Tony Stark. Eager to go on a class trip to Europe, Peter plans to start living a normal life and finally decides to tell Mary Jane how he feels in hopes of inviting her to a romantic evening at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. His plans are quickly interrupted when he learns an evil villain has manifested halfway across the world to get Spiderman’s attention. Despite Peter’s efforts to ignore his calling from the legendary Nick Fury, Peter believes there is no chance to resurrect the once and thriving Avengers. A message sent by Tony put’s Peter’s life back in perspective, only for him to once again realize that it is still in his destiny to carry on Tony’s Heroic Legacy.

Spiderman Far From Home is an adventure thrill ride that brings forth the dawn of a new age of the Marvel comic films, while respectively giving fans closure for the loss of Ironman. It honors his heroism while still giving Spiderman the recognition he deserves to step in to be one of the sincerest heroes ever brought to life. The cast was great, and this movie returned the cinematic form of Spiderman into the beloved character we have loved in the comics for decades. Tom is a great Spiderman; this role was meant for him. Spiderman Far From Home is a great Midsummer Blockbuster film that fans will love. The humor, action, and the introduction of Mysterio was a breath of fresh air to the franchise.

I give this movie 5 stars, a rating that is deserving of a 21st century Marvel film.


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 The Lionsgate production, The Cabin in the Woods directed by Drew Goddard and starring a cast of relative unknowns follows a group of five college kids on a trip.  The kids intent for a fun weekend filled with booze, sex and drug usage is cut short when two of them are attacked during a moment when they believe they are alone.  Attacked by flesh-eating zombies, their traumatic ordeal and experiences in the cabin are being filmed in real-time.  Every step they make is monitored and controlled by some kind of high functioning underground operation.   From the very beginning,  starting with their encounter with the stranger on the road, to the discovery of a torture chamber in the basement,  and the moment leading up to the initial attack prompts the movie to go  in so many different directions.  The movie simultaneously follows what is happening to the college kids and the adults responsible for their demise.  Strangely they take up bets, and route for their favorite.  In the end no one is to survive this experience.

After running and making attempts to protect and save themselves the kids die one by one with only  two to survive.  Dana and Marty aka the virgin and the fool end up underground in the official facility that has control over everything.  They learn that for some reason they are ones that have to die, in order to save the world from destruction.  At this point this is where the movie looses me completely.  The Sci Fi horror legend Sigourney Weaver makes a cameo appearance in the movie as The Director of the Facility.  She explains that their purpose is to offer up human blood to satisfy the gods, in order to save humanity.  Dana is then given the opportunity to rid the world of the fool so that the world has a chance to survive.

The hour and thirty minute flick is fast-moving but really does not stir anything in me.  The movie does keep you interested because the question of knowing who, why, how and when is always on your brain.  There were elements of 13 Ghosts, infused with Hostel, Stay Alive and Silent Hill in this movie.   The movie’s horror  intention was lost in its interpretation, even though there were some scary parts.  This movie was very hard to follow at times.  The acting was not impressive but the special effects and creature designs were very cool.  The make up effects for the zombies was also very interesting.  They didn’t appear to look like the traditional zombie but more, like a hybrid demonic creature with elements of  the classic zombie.  It was a refreshing twist on the creature.

Overall I give this movie three stars for cinematic effort and the attempts to being unique in its concept.

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