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As January comes to a close, and winter officially sets in, So has so many other things in my life.  On a sad note, I lost a friend from High School to Cancer.  Molakia Motley was a dear friend to many.  My heart goes out to her family and those who were extremely close to her.  We went to grammar school together and high school.  She was truly a bright light and the world lost a very special person.  I know she is in Heaven at Peace.  It’s so hard to think that she is no longer on this Earth.  It leaves an emptiness.  Almost feeling like a gap or a hole in your body and spirit.

My pregnancy is going pretty well, but I came down with a terrible cold last week.   I have been sick in bed since last Tuesday Night.  I was not even able to make it to Molakia’s services.  I am struggling to get over the hump and expect to make a full recovery within the next few days.  I guess the cold just had to play it self out.  Now I have to watch everything, I got the ok to take over the counter meds that are safe for the baby, but it is sill on a limited basis.  Which is annoying.  I am so used to just running to CVS and grabbing a bottle of Vicks Ny Quil and boom Im back on my feet  within two days.  During that time I was not in the mood to do any type of writing, but I tried to push through it when the urge came along.  Of Course that is the reason why I didn’t get the chance to see Underworld Awakening last weekend.  I hope to be able to take a trip to the theater sometime this weekend.

I just finished reading and editing the last chapters of Swept into the Darkness, and will be doing one more read through before I officially submit it to my editor.  After I send the manuscript to her and everything goes smoothly with all the finalizations, the book will finally be available for purchase on Smashwords and several other e-book formats.  I am not rushing to have the paperback released, but it will be released in time for readers to enjoy it for the Spring or Early summer months.  As I go though the third dose of rereading my work I will be looking into advertising packages and also preparing and setting up a Midwinter Book tour.  Right Now I will be hosting two book tours.  One in Midwinter to present my debut Novel to the Publishing world and the Second in the Summer to garner all the attention and attract readers to experience an unforgettable journey.

I am extremely proud of my self and have over come lot of challenges along the way.  Once Swept into the Darkness  is on book shelves I will resume with writing book two Swept into Revenge.  I can’t express how excited I am about this project and look forward to a bright successful future in the Publishing industry.

Happy Reading and Writing!!!



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The Holidays are always a busy time in many people’s lives.  With the hustle and bustle of hunting for the perfect gift to traveling on the road near and far, this time of year can be very stressful.  I think that as time goes on and our lives continue to evolve, we as a society in general have lost the true meaning and purpose of what the holidays really mean.  A generation or two ago the holidays did not mean going out and standing in line to wait for the Apple Store to open so you could purchase one item for four or five hundred bucks.  It wasn’t about competing to catch the earliest Wal-Mart sale or bumbrushing others to get the last Playstation 3 in Toys R Us.  Christmas was not about having our husbands and boyfriends planted on the sofa all day watching a bunch of men try to make a touchdown.  The Holidays were a time for family to gather around, fellowship and reconnect with each other, to go to Mass or what ever services you attend, to serve, worship and sing praises to God.  The Holidays were a time to truly be thankful for what you have spiritually.  It was not about showing off, or shoving money to a charity just because you had to for tax reasons. The holidays meant sharing and giving to those in need and making it last all year round not only during Christmas.  The world has lost so many things but actually believes that we are heading forward instead of backward.  We need to get back to our roots and rediscover the true meaning behind  “The Holidays”.

Happy Reading and Writing!

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanaka

Happy Kwanza

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I miss blogging.  I have been so busy lately that I can’t hardly find the time to blog anymore.  I am still working on edits for book one in my series “Swept Into the Darkness.”  I just made it to chapter nine.  I think I am making good progress considering that I have a personal time line to be finished.   My mom and husband think I am rushing it and putting too much pressure on myself but I don’t think I am.  I am just anxious to get moving with my project.   I am writing chapter five of book two which has some interesting developments.  I am introducing new characters and my main character is definitely going through some major changes.  With Christmas break coming up, I actually hope to finish book two and at least start book three.  “Swept Into The Darkness” ended up being over 270 pages and way over 80,000 words, so for the next two books I am shooting for at least 60,000 words.  If I go a little over, no big deal, but I can’t make the next couple of books so lengthy.  I would rather stretch out the series before I make them too long.

Until next time my friends

Happy Reading and Writing!!!

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