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Top Ten Horror Icons of all Time

Here is my list of the top ten horror Icons in horror movie history, starting with my all time favorite, Freddy Kruger. Kruger is known for his comical antics, but he is most importantly known as the “nightmare” coming to haunt your dreams and kill your “reality.” If you cone across Freddy, most likely you won’t live to tell it.

Each one of these characters have that special element that makes them unique to the genre. Those elements can include supernatural powers from the depths of darkness or the power of insanity. Having the power to be an unstoppable killing machine, no matter how the average man tries to defeat him, they just keep coming back. Whichever one it is, the horror icon is looked upon as a strong entity that brings us fear and opens us up to a whole new realm of imagination. Another element that makes the horror icon so intriguing is the concept of evolution. My list of characters with the exception of “Norman” and “Hannibal” all made their appearance on the silver screen during the dawn of the classic 80’s horror age. Within that period, they each have passed the test of time, to evolve and become something more than just a phase of pop culture. The evolution of these characters have transformed into a phenomenon of creativity, that can be defined in one word as “ART.” The 80’s was the period or reformation of horror creativity, and it gave horror a new villian to look forward to, where fans could add fun to their fear experience.
1.Freddy Kruger
2.Micheal Myers
3.Jason Voorhees
5.Norman Bates
11. (Bonus) Leprechaun
Honorable Mention
3.The Wolfman
4.The Mummy
Have a frightening weekend!!

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