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Carrie directed by Kimberly Peirce and starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore is the retelling of a classic, based on Stephen King’s novel. The story is about a religious teen girl that is extremely withdrawn and is consistently bullied to a degree that is unimaginably hurtful.
Carrie has the unique gift of telekenic powers and researches it’s origins,and tries to perfect her ability.
Carrie’s life is not just complicated at school,but her home life is also very difficult, as she deals with a religious crazy mother, (portrayed by Moore)Carrie is abused physically and emotionally. Its not until she is invited to Prom by Tommy Ross where she starts to defend herself. As she tries to recoup from a disturbing lockeroom prank she makes an attempt to try to fit in by accepting the invitation.
Prom night turns into a night of carnage as the final prank of the evening ends deadly.
Female directors are underrepresented in the world of Hollywood,so I must say that Peirce did a great job representing women in the industry. The film focused more on Carrie’s powers and the commotion among friends, but it still was entertaing. Chloe did a nice job holding her own, and Moore’s portrayal of Margaret was a unique take on an old character. The original role played by Piper Laure is irreplaceable and priceless.
I love the representation of Carrie’s powers in the movie, they had a life of their own and every time she used them, it sucked me in even more. The special effects were engaging and eye catching. If your looking for a lot of gore then this movie is for you. The anticipation to see the Prom scene intensifies with every moment.
I give this movie 3.5 stars.
Have a frightening week!!

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