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┬áHalloween 2018 directed by David Gordon Green, written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill and starring Jamie Lee Curtis continues the decades-old saga between Laurie Strode and her serial killer brother Micheal Myers. Two podcast journalists interested in getting into the mind of Michael Myers unknowingly provokes his killer instinct during a visit at the maximum security facility. Their presence unleashes a chain of events that reeks havoc once again on the small town of Haddonfield Illinois. Laurie spends her whole life preparing for Micheal’s return and in the process has neglected her daughter Karen and granddaughter. As she tries to prepare them and make an attempt to mend their broken relationship, Myers sets his sights on finding Laurie to finish what he started 40 years ago.

This movie was a great way to bring a fresh light upon the franchise. A classic in its own right, the evolution of Laurie Strode is just remarkable. Her resilience and strength are awe-inspiring and one of the greatest elements of the storyline is that fact that Laurie is a grandmother now. Jamie Lee Curtis’ portrayal is just plain epic. To see her in this role as a mature woman in Hollywood is magnificent. I’ve always been a fan, but this just makes me love her even more. Micheal’s personality has always been dark and creative when it came to his carnage, and this time it was even more intense. You would think that being locked up for so many years, that he would weaken a bit but absolutely not. There is a moment where his humanity does surface but only for a second, which is followed by the shadows of the monster that we know move within him.

There were surprises at every corner and more questions raised about the real family connection that Laurie and Micheal share. There were references from the past films and a great tribute to the legacy that Dr. Samuel Loomis left behind. The effects were realistic and the cinematography had some great elements to it.

I think that the casting choices were very wise and overall the movie was fun and exciting to watch. I may try to get back to the theater to see this movie again. There was nothing disappointing about this film. The mood was very classic and I found myself comparing scenes to the previous films.

I gave this movie 5 stars!



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Curse of Chucky directed by Don Mancini, stars Brad Dourif, and the horror legend’s real life daughter-Fiona Dourif. This movie marks the 25th anniversary of the Child’s Play franchise.
The story picks up where Seed of Chucky left off, as it follows a woman named Sarah that receives a mysterious package. That package turns out to be a Good Guy doll, and before the night is over she is dead.
Nica (Fiona Dourif) is left to plan her mother’s funeral along with her older sister Barb, and her husband Ian. A night of family time ends up becoming an evening of terror as Chucky unleashes his wrath of murder upon them.
Only a true fan of the series would appreciate this movie. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a blockbuster not even “made for television” worthy, but for those who have been looking for some kind of closure to a story that seemed to be never-ending- this is the film for you.
The death scenes were average, some of the past films within the franchise were more creative, but I applaud the effort. As a fan of Chucky, I was happy to see the Brad had taken on the role again. The classic Chucky humor was not as evident. This film was a bit darker than the others,but I still enjoyed it.
Charles Lee Ray’s past resurfaced again, and this time many questions were answered, and his fate was rewritten as he finally accomplished his goal.
I give this movie 2.5 stars
Have a frightening weekend!

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