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I was so disappointed with the Dexter finale, that I’d considered not writing a review.
As a huge fan of Michael C. Hall and the show, I just can’t figure out what the heck the writers at Showtime were thinking when they came up with the final storyline for season 8.
Seasons one through seven,fans went on a thrill ride with Dexter as he learned about who he was as a monster with human qualities. We fell in love with him and his character. Everything just fell into place, even once Deb learned that her brother was a killer.
We have come to grips with a lot of things when it comes to our Dexter. We’ve accepted him as a husband, father, dealt with him having a killing partner, accepted him and his weird relationship with his sister, accepted him going after respectable law enforcement and handled his new love interest- psycho girlfriend Hannah. But after all of that and more, there is one thing that we just don’t accept and that is a crappy ending to such a wonderful show.
I would have accepted the ending as is only if they would have added one final component and that was during the last scene when Dexter closed his eyes then opened them, I would have had him say, “Tonight’s the night.” then fade to black.
I think that everyone wanted to hear that. I just can’t believe the writers would stray so far off the path with him. Vogal’s son deserved to die on Dexter’s table!!!

Killing Deb, dumping her body, and Dexter driving his boat into a hurricane, only to be working as a lumberjack truck driver IS NOT AN ENDING!!!
I’m still so upset!


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