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Walking Dead Rant
I know every one was tuned into watching the midseason premier of AMC’s The Walking Dead. I along with everyone else have been itching to find out what would happen to the Dixon brothers. About to battle to the death as they both take blows from each other two walkers enter the ring, suddenly shots fire and the crowd seperates like ants running from a foot that’s about to stomp on them. Rick’s group is weaker than ever and they all are struggling with their own demons, which are many. Glen can’t get past the sexual harassment and beating that he and girlfriend Maggie endured while in custody in Woodbury. As the group recoups briefly, Daryl decides that if Rick will not accept his brother then he will leave the group. Rick does not feel safe with bringing Merl back to the prison. So the brothers set off on their own. Rick takes Michone in temporarily and heads back to the prison. A new problem arises which is the new group of people that seek refuge. A war has broken out between Rick’s group and Woodbury. ANDREA finally learns that her old group made contact with the Woodbury group. She should leave considering all the weird things she has witnessed. The people of Woodbury are afraid and want to leave. The Governor has lost control and wants revenge against Ricks group. Towards the end of the episode Rick seeks Hershal’s council as he tries to make a decision on whether to accept the new people. Pondering over what to do, Rick sees a ghostly apparition that remembles Lori. At this point he blacks out loosing his mind. Everyone gets nervous and gives Rick some space. Considering that it has only been a week since Lori gave birth, Rick has not had the chance to mourn her absence. We never really saw Carl shoot Lori. I’m waiting to see her surface again as a walker. I don’t believe Carl killed her. The role of being the groups leader has taken a toll on Rick on a level that is and can be internally damaging. The future of the post apocalyptic survivors is uncertain but their struggle to endure and stay strong remains prevalent.
From a writers perspective I would have killed off Merl. He is untrusting and unpredictable. He is nothing like his brother and does not deserve a chance. But I understand his role to stir up conflict and action. If I did decide to go with keeping Merl alive my second option would have been to just let the brothers go their separate ways. Daryl makes the choice to stay with Rick. Daryl completes Rick’s group. The unspoken love that he shares with Carol is almost painful to watch. Just to know that they love each other and do not express it is hurtful. I would have spent time developing their love story. Just taking the time to be human beings is something that Rick’s group must do. The people of Woodbury had their time now it is Rick’s group’s turn. The last time the group had some real time to relax was the time they briefly spent at the CDC. I am looking forward to seeing what the next episode reveals.
Embracing Something New

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 “The Devil Inside” Directed by William Brent Bell and starring a cast of relative unknowns, tells the story about a young girl that suffers from a tragic past that resulted in her being separated from her mother.  Plagued by an illness that is believed to be demonic possession by some, Maria Rossi is transferred to a mental hospital in Rome.  Her daughter Isabella travels there twenty years later searching for answers and the hope that she can reconnect on some level with her mother.  Isabella enters the world where the paranormal and spirituality collide.  She is introduced to a team of exorcists and believes that she can finally get the answers that she seeks about her mother’s condition.  Maria was exposed to the idea of exorcism when Isabella was a child.  The result was a deadly one which was the contributing factor in Isabella growing up without a mother.

The fast-moving film is shot in the form of a documentary which disappointed me greatly.  Overall there were a few good scenes, like when the Priests first wanted to expose Isabella to a real exorcism.  That was pretty intense.  The scene when the Priest was possessed, was interesting and of course the final scene when Isabella herself was possessed and the demon took control of her and her film partner that was driving.  The movie ended too abruptly and made movie goers upset that they invested time and twelve bucks into a movie ticket.  Honestly there was nothing new or different that this film contributed to the genre.  I always give movies a chance and hate that I gave this one the time of day.  I think that too many production crews are coping off of the orignal idea of “Documenting” as seen in “The Blair Witch”.  It is ok to see it every once in a while but now I feel that writers for films are coming up dry with fresh new ideas.  Another thing that bothers me is that they feel that they can slap up the phrase “based on a true story, or inspired by true events” and that is supposed to make us flock to the theaters.  I know a lot of you are real fans of exorcism movies like me, and I can truly say that the last really good one was “The Rite” starring Anthony Hopkins.

I think that as a whole community Hollywood and Film better their acts together if they plan on continuing to entertain us in the years to come.  I see that there are a lot of small and independent film companies that are producing some really good stuff out there.  As of now going to the movies is at an all time low.  I would think that since people are cutting back in other aspects of their lives they would indulge in going to the movies at least once a month, but If we don’t have anything good to watch then me might as well stay home.

The next movie I will see is the upcoming Underworld film.  I know that is not going to be a disappointment especially since Kate B is BACK!!

I give “The Devil Inside” a C-

Happy Reading and Writing!!!

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