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I finally finished my video book trailer and it is officially up and running live on YouTube.  It is actually a lot work to create something like that on your own and I am very pleased with the end result. The entire project was a lot of fun and I was able to tap into a form of creativity that I really never touched on before.  I have a link to the Trailer on my Book Page but I will also provide the link here so that if anyone wants to see it they can.  This trailer represents the mood of the journey that my main character Sydney London takes throughout book one in the series.  Just by watching the trailer you can walk through the various points of her experience.  Her supernatural abilities, and the challenges of being different as a child.  Her adulthood and the idea that she is on the verge of finally excepting that she will always be different.  Sydney’s encounter with other supernatural beings and the concept that she is willing to do anything to save someone she loves is something else that she must deal with, in addition to falling in love and making an attempt to save the world from destruction.  This young woman has a lot on her plate not to mention coping with a past that just will not stop haunting her. Check it out!


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