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I’ve been on the edge of my seat this entire week as the events of GH intensify. Aj was shot yesterday by none other than Sonny. And now that snake Ava has Sonny right where she wants him. I have to admit that the plan to have her brother framed for Aj’s attempted murder is clever,but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. For some reason I want to see Julian happy and in a situation where he is not in some kind of trouble.
I just wished that Aj would have blurted out that Ava killed Connie. He had time, and just maybe Sonny would have turned the gun on Ava.
Now that Aj has been wheeled into GH, and Elizabeth phoned Michael to tell him,this whole Aj shooting will confirm to Anna that Aj was telling the truth. This will come back to haunt Sonny.


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Things are brewing in Port Charles, and the excitement is building to such a degree that it is almost explosive.

Patrick finally knows that Sabrina is pregnant with his child. This whole thing is a great set up for Robin to leave. Now that Victor has made an offer for Robin to revive Helena and Starvos, this is the perfect time to bring Jason Morgan Back. Yes it is true that Steve Burton will soon make his comeback to GH, where he belongs. Jason Morgan is alive!!! His picture has been plastered on the screen for a short while but that’s enough to get fans in gear for what is to come. I believe that Jason will be the key to Sonny ending the war with the Jerome’s.
Julian Jerome has broken the ice with his son Lucas which will open the door for him to join his father. I’m not sure how Julian will take his son’s news about being gay, but at this point Brad might as well say goodbye to Felix.
The most exciting elements this week is the revelation between Ben and the assumptions that Elizabeth has about Ben’s paternity. I can’t wait until Dante and LuLu find out the child is theirs. Britt will loose Nicolas over this which will make it easier for Elizabeth to reclaim her love for him.
The Carley and Franco storyline is being dragged out too long and no matter how Kiki believes in Franco’s innocence, she has damaged her relationship with Michael, maybe beyond repair.
I can’t wait to see how the week ends.

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