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Hello All!
The second book in my Chronicles of the Celestial series “Dark Betrayal” is now published and available in paperback at Amazon.com. The story picks up right where “Swept into the Darkness” left off.
Sydney London has discovered that she is half angel and that she inherited her special abilities from her mother Pandora. After Sydney attempts to use her healing powers to heal her mother, something goes terribly wrong and her mother escapes from a high security mental facility in town.
Sydney,her boyfriend Angelo, along with their magical friends an angel Lothos, and a vampire Tristan race against time to find Pandora and Pandora’s box before the forces of evil find it and unleash the fury within.

Order your copy today to see how the saga continues.
Happy Reading

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As the fall season kicks off, and I’ve gotten back into the swing of being back at work, my creativity and inspiration has been flowing. Even though the summer is a time of relaxation. I feel that the fall season has a casual aura. It’s a time when mood plays an important role in how my creativity is expressed. I love the chilly, windy, rainy evenings, as I’m curled up on the sofa covered with a blanket, a notebook and a steaming cup of Red Zinger tea. My writing process has been pretty slow, but I can say that it has been productive. I’m working on finalizing the second book in my series Dark Betrayal before it is released on paperback. The release of the Kindle version is expected out early October. I’ve been simultaneously working on typing the third book Dark Revenge. That book is in the very early stages, so it is not expected to be released until early summer 2015. Plans for my fall book tour will be announced as soon as they develop.
Happy reading!

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