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At the end of every year thousands maybe millions of people sit down and think about a New Years Resolution.  Why is it so important that we make a New Years Resolution?  I know it is supposed to mean that you are making a positive change in your life, but really who actually sticks to their Resolution?  People talk about loosing weight, (which is the most popular one) quitting smoking, eating healthy and so on.  The Resolution talk lasts for about a week and then after that first week is over all the buzz is over.  So the real question is why is it so hard for us to actually stick to our Resolution?  I will tell you why.  The reason is because we do not set realistic goals in order for us to accomplish the Resolution.  Do you really think you can quit smoking with the snap of a finger?  Or cut out hamburgers and fried foods the minute the ball drops?  And lets not talk about drinking.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not trying to deter anyone from making their Resolution come true, but I am just trying to be realistic, which is something that everyone should be when considering the steps they need to take to make their Resolution a success.  Since I am a planner, it is about planning it out and making that life change in gradual steps.  Write down your resolution, and then make a list of pros and cons that will contribute to your resolution.  The pros are obviously all the positive things that will benefit you in the long run and the cons are all the negative things and obstacles that get in your way of accomplishing your goal.  The next thing you should do is make a list of those obstacles and describe how you are going to face and defeat them.  These suggestions are only for those people who are serious about having a successful resolution but just need a little help in getting started.  As for me I do not have a New Years Resolution, but a list of things that I would like to accomplish in the year 2012.  I am currently working one number one right now.  So for everyone that plans on executing a New Years Resolution Good Luck and be strong in your efforts to reach your goal.  Never lose hope and always know that as long as you believe in your self you can accomplish anything your heart desires.

Number One

Become a successful Published Author!!!!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year That is filled with Creativity!!!

Happy Reading and Writing


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