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The changing of the seasons got the best of me, so I know that it has been a while since I’ve written a General Hospital Spotlight.

The intensity has grown when it comes to many of the storylines and there has never been a dull moment. I think that Ava’s baby is really on borrowed time, and no matter what precautions Sonny takes to protect him or her, in the end it will not matter. Jorden saves her once again and once again Ava is out of the woods. Once Port Charles realizes that Jason Morgan is alive,and that there were many forces that contributed to his condition, things will get worse before they get better for him. The producers are still on edge as far as revealiving the new Jason so I think that there will still be a long time before his character gets some real face time. They are trying too hard to avoid it, and it looks obvious to the fans that the production still doesn’t have a clear vision with Jason. I feel the same way about Robin. I feel that her character is broken. A quote she said on yesterdays episode. The Cassidine’s are pointless and I am so tired of seeing Helena come back from the dead. If she is shot in head like a Zombie then there is no coming back. LOL.
I’m so excited about Carly and Franco’s engagement and even more excited about his true plans for this Halloween. Wedding, which in my opinion will not happen. My prediction is: he is going to tell her at the alter that he knew about her infidelity, and confess to everyone that Sonny shot AJ then leave her there alone.
Lets see how the rest of the week plays out.

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