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How can a person be caught in a web of negativity?  There are so many things that can go on in a person’s life that can contribute to that.  The web is life and the things that make up life.  The negative aspects are obviously very overwhelming and vary in capacity.  What makes the whole thing even more difficult is the fact that you are stuck within a realm that is consistently holding you back mentally, spiritually and physically.  Sometimes you may feel like it is impossible to move forward or live up to the greatness that you are supposed to be and live.  Many people may say  “just remove that negativity from your life”  But I say that it is not that simple.  It takes time, patience and planning.  You must endure or tolerate certain negative aspects in your life so you can begin to set up the necessary building blocks to take one step at a time to move in the direction of the path you want to take.   The direction of positive change and high potential.  The whole idea is a process on its own but the end result will be good no matter how far away you think the journey is.  So no matter how tight my legs are tangled in the web, I will always manage to wiggle free, and embrace my creativity turning the web of negativity into weaves of positiveness and great success by overcoming my challenges and rising above it all.

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