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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug directed by Peter Jackson was absolutely Amazing!! The movie goer is immediately sucked into Bilbo’s adventure. The film opens with Gandalf and the Dwarf King Thorin meeting at the Prancing Pony, a familiar place that all fans reconigize from TLOTR.
The film moves quickly as Bilbo and the Dwarves continue their journey to The Lonely Mountian. On their journey they meet friends, and foes, and embrace many challenges along the way. The great evil that lurks in the shadows is introduced and Gandalf battles the evil to some degree. We are shown the power that lies within the gray wizard. The Woodland Realm Elves make their mark, as so many other story elements are revealed. The on screen presentation of The Dragon Smaug mentally and creatively altered my imagination. Every aspect of this film demonstrates a form of creativity that I have never seen or experienced before. The actors, special effects, score, writing, and director was spectacular! Peter Jackson is a creative genius and should be considered for a life time achievement award in film. This movie is a must see. Jackson and Tolkin has elevated the fantasy genre to such a degree that I don’t think no one else can top. I give this movie 5 stars! I’ve got to see it again OMG!


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