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                The controversial mentally disturbing horror “Human Centipede-The Second Sequence will have you scarred for life.  As a horror fanatic that goes as far back as the original Christopher Lee classics, I really thought this was a movie that I could surly handle.  Directed by Tom Six and starring unknown Laurence R. Harvy the shocking film is not for the faint of heart or really any normal human being.  This intense movie opens with a London Parking attendant named Martin actually watching the DVD of the first film.  As the end credits run across the laptop screen the lost cries of a baby linger in the distance.  He opens a large book that appears to be some kind of movie scrap book with movie info, photos and even notes.  Martin has been carrying this inspirational torch for the Human Centipede movie for some time and eventually fixes his mind to do the unthinkable. 

             As a strangely disturbed individual his crazy attitude and sheltered shyness, not to mention his thirst for blood is the result of molestation, abuse and possible torture by his father as a child.   Martin goes on a killing spree.   The rage of his killing goes on and on as he continues to maintain his job.  Soon he finds himself collecting an array of people to become his “work of art.”  The demented non human then proceeds to construct the insect that he has grown to love in a twisted way by using humans as his medium.  Unlike the first movie the psycho was a Doctor.  So he atleast had the medical background to do what he did (which still does not say much.)  Martain has no medical background at all, but still tries to make the centipede.  With his captured victims, including a pregnant mother,(I could not believe that!) a neighboor from his building and the surviving actress from the first film, the visuals that Six uses will leave a traumatizing mark on you. 

              It is hard to believe that someone can be this creative or crazy to write and direct a movie like this.  Human Centipede The Second Sequence is for sure the most disterbing horror movie I have ever seen.  This movie will make Saw, Hostal and Pieces seem like Disney movies!  I must give the lead actor his props.  He should be nonimated for a Horror movie award.  Laurence R. Harvy may not have had a speaking role but believe me he was intensly scary with his on screen performance.  Just his eyes alone gave off an extremly haunting feeling. 

           For those fans who love gore and graffic viloence and believe you can handle the madness of Human Centipede-The Second Sequence, then by all means, go check it out on Comcast Demand or a Theather Near you.  I can not give this movie a rating, It is beyond ratings.  Just a quick note, do not watch the movie right before you go to bed!!!!!! WARNING YOU MAY HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!


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Paranormal Activity 3 Review

                  The Paramount produced Paranormal Activity 3 hit theaters officially Midnight on October twenty-first.  Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman the paranormal theatrical film had horror movie goers on the edge of their seats.  The prequel introduced the real origins of how the lives of two sisters have been turned upside down due to unexplained supernatural events.  The recovered video footage is set in a rural  town in 1988.  Strange occurences begin after a recording for a kinky love-making tape goes awry and an earthquake shakes things up in the house.  Both girls Katie and Kristi are a few years apart and for the most part share everything.  Katie starts communicating with an imaginary friend name Toby.  Kristi is a little more disconnected from the entity until he begins to grow violent towards her.  Activity in the house increases.  While the intensity that the directors deliver through the script and camera shots, the audience is suspicious of any and everything.  The unique shots also create an eerie feeling that draws the audience in.  The girl’s mother is in complete denial about what is happening but at the same time the live in Boyfriend feels the urge to get everything on tape.

                Fully aware of what is happening around him Dennis(the boyfriend) shows some of his footage to a colleague.  The colleague is open to the activity.  But it is not until  he  is face to face with a major supernatural encounter that scares him so much that he is willing to risk his job over it.   The events escalate to the point where the girls mom is made aware of the dark presence.  She and the family flee to her mother’s house where things just get weirder by the minute.  The climax of the movie is defiantly a shocker that you can expect from the franchise.   The fast moving film ties lots of loose ends together that were hanging in Paranormal Activity and the sequel. 

              I expect that there will be at least one more alternate ending for the film because there are a few clips from the trailer that did not even appear in the final production edit.  If you are looking for a good movie that will scare you this Halloween season then Paranormal Activity 3 is the movie for you.  I give this movie four stars.

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The Unleashed

The Unleashed.coc

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It has been a long while since I have written in my blog. Working full time and writing full time seems to be getting harder and harder. I can’t help but think about my book and the things I have to do involving my book even when I am not in front of my laptop. This week I will finally start reading my manuscript from beginning to end so I can check for anything that needs to be changed. I am also working on my trailer and planing my book tour. My ebook version will be released by early January. If there are any changes I will post those changes. I have already started writing on book two of the trilogy. I can’t express how happy I am about this venture! Before the week is over I will post another one of my short stories. Stay tuned and Happy Reading!

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The Hunted

The Hunted

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Rebellious Slaughter

Rebellious Slaughter.

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My Ghostly Encounter

                The night was dark and eerie giving off a cold chill that only winter could bare.  Bundled up with blankets snuggling in warmth, my head lay flat on the fluffy pillow.  Tossing and turning it was past midnight. I grew restless with the urge to drift off to sleep.  The house was quiet and completely still.  My eyes were widened, and mind bright with thoughts.  The bedroom door was open wide enough for me to see into the dinning room and kitchen.  As I wandered off into the space of my sleeplessness an image caught my eye.  Narrowing my eyes then opening them as far as they would stretch, I could not believe what I saw standing in the center of the dark misty kitchen.  A young woman with white skin and long damp curly hair stood erect glaring at me.  She wore a long cream-colored night-gown with long sleeves and ruffles around the edges of the garment.  Her bare feet clung to the floor tiles.  My heart raced as we looked at each other.  The ghostly apparition frightened me so much that I held my breath for several seconds that seemed to have lasted for several minutes.  I continued to lay in my bed frozen solid by fear.  Still in shock over the sight I tried to convince myself that no one was there.  I blinked a couple of times to see if the image had gone but she was still there.  I then slowly lifted my body up in an attempt to wrestle out from under the covers. I didn’t even know what I was planning to do.  The second I turned my head to release myself from the tangle of blankets, I noticed the girl had vanished when I refocused my attention in the direction she was standing in.  Without much effort I plopped down in my position and closed my eyes.  This time I had no trouble falling asleep.

This paranormal encounter is based on real events that happened to me about two years ago.

My husband and mother in law were the only other people in the house and they were asleep.

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