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               Everyone knows that the supernatural community is crawling with hundreds of various races of creatures.  All of them unique in their own way but the truth is, the most popular consists of the Vampire and Werewolf.  If this world actually had those type of creatures in it, which one would you rather be?  So many people already would trade places to be one of them in a heartbeat without truly examining their way of life and consider the costs of such a transition.  I too would want to be one, but which is the real question.  We all have a pretty decent knowledge of both races through various literature, and other forms of entertainment such as movies and even music.  Our society has created this attractive world where they both dwell and shaped it in such a way where all we desire in our dreams is to be someone and thing else. 

            Lets start with the luscious Vampire.  He or she is an immortal being, (pretty much immortal)  Forever young, beautiful, sexy, dangerous, interesting and most definitely intelligent.  The abilities they demonstrate are superhuman.  They have the opportunity to do what they will and learn lifetimes of information from traveling the world.  The are dark and mysterious, convincingly erotic and extremely sexual.  Everyone wants to be this.  The modern world is obsessed with looking young and staying young.  Everyone knows someone who has had plastic surgery or some type of cosmetic enhancement, even Botox or  even your self considered it.  I thought about it a few times but never made that call to make an appointment.   Smile!  There are lots of people who join groups and go on excursions for adventure and danger.  Some of us, create characters and act out roles to be that dangerous vampire.  Some of us also have to take pills to enhance our libido. Natural death and disease no longer haunts you  Think about how your life would be once you were turned.  Would it be all fun and games? 

            I can answer that.  First if you made the choice to be a Vampire, did you even realize that you have to give up sun light.  The sun will be become a deadly enemy to you.  You will fear wood, peering over your shoulder watching out for anyone that has a grudge against you that wants to drive a stake into your heart.  Ladies forget about those pure silver ear rings.   Toss them away.   You are now a Blood drinker.  Can you even stand the sight of blood?  Do you think you could drink it without gagging?  Your body can no longer handle solid foods.  Living in a society that practically worships burgers , fries and fine dining the life of  the Vampire is not always what it seems.  Let’s not even think about your blood lust and deadly intentions.  Every Vampire has it in their genetic make up.  The blood of humans will make a Vampire do just about anything.   How could you handle having killed for your blood lust?   Giving up your family may be the most difficult part.  There is no way you can live with them and be a member of the undead.  The thirst for blood is always a risk for them.

          Now the Protective Werewolf, having two forms has its advantages.  Whether human or wolf, he or she is, fast, strong, determined, intense, and very charming.  They have the opportunity to lead normal lives, start and maintain families and social relationships.  They are not limited with the interactions of the outside world.   They do not have to give up or sacrifice anything.  These hot-blooded creatures are very sexy, and more relatable.  Overall they can lead a very normal life.  They have the power to change at will, but for the most part the shifts happen automatically when the moon is full.  They love to run and packs and are in tune with the elements of nature.  Not bad.

        So after much consideration and thought, living for a little over thirty years,getting married, moving out, having a career, growing up “IS” hard to do.   The challenges of life, and the threats of disease and death are all around us.  With age comes both and I have to admit that those things frighten me terribly.   The life of the wolf is tempting and desired but  I would choose to live the life of the Vampire, despite the sacrifices I would have to make I would turn my family and we would live as immortals walking the earth as creatures of the night.

PS.  We would not be killers.  Hopefully the market would produce a substance like “TrueBlood”



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WOW, it was so hard for me to sleep after last night’s episode of True Blood.  The show went out with a BANG!!!  Sam learned more about his brother Tommy’s deceitful shapeshifting ways at his burial and was somewhat reunited with Sookie at the bar.  Lafayette and Jesus’ storyline got very interesting.  Possessed again by an unwanted spirit Marnie/Lafayette did the unthinkable and took Jesus’ powers and killed him. Tara finds him a little too late only to add another body to her repertoire.  Warning Sookie about Marnie, Tara, Holly and Sookie find a chained Bill and Eric waiting to meet the blazes of fire and brimstone.  The Witch approaches and once again the battle resumes.  Tara, Holly and Sookie channel the powers and energy of Samhain to call upon the powers of their dead relatives.  At this point I am sitting on the edge of my recliner!! Gran and Antonia return to convince Marnie that her spirit belongs with them now.  But not before Sookie uses her Fairy magic to intercept Marnie and her magical influence.  Overwhelmed by the situation Sookie asks her grandmother to stay.  Marnie is defeated.  Naturally Gran declines the invitation and Sookie is left with the feeling of loss all over again.  From there on the episode just gets better and better.  Jason and Jess have an intimate moment but she does not want to be tied down in a relationship.  Jason reveals to Hoyt when he first slept with Jess and he obviously does not take it well.  Sookie said her goodbye’s to both vampires after a convincing conversation with Alcide.  The ghost of Rene returns to haunt Arlene and Nan Flanagan returns to put a fire under Bill and Eric.  Sick of her annoying demanding rules involving Vampire Politics they both lash out.  Eric kills her men and Bill stakes her!! I was cheering at this point.  I am over Nan and her shenanigans!! Steve Newlin pops up at Jason’s door a VAMPIRE, and Debbie returns to seek revenge on Sookie out of her jealousy.  Debbie shoots at Sookie but Tara gets hit in the head trying to protect her.  Blood is everywhere and she looks dead but I am not convinced yet.   Sookie shoots Debbie at close range killing her in retaliation!! There are two options for Tara.  Bill and Eric sense Sookie’s fear and pop up.  If Tara has a faint pulse they can give her blood and she will heal, or they could turn her.(If she is turned she will become the very thing she has hated and resented all these years or spend the rest of her life owing the two vamps her gratitude.)  Russell Edgington escapes the temporary prison that Bill and Eric put him in last season, which conveniently is now on Alcide’s business property.  I knew Russell was not dead.  I don’t understand why Bill didn’t kill him.  That was a bad decision on both of their parts.  He has had a whole year to heal underground and there is no telling what he may do.  It’s actually good that Nan is dead, for Bill and Eric’s sake.  Russell may claim that they have betrayed him and try to sentence them the true death for treason.  Russell may head straight for Sookie since he knows what she is.   The havoc he will unleash will be deadly in season 5.  I can not wait until next summer!!

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Contagion Movie Review

Contagion Movie Review.

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Contagion Movie Review

             For those of you who saw last’s weeks episode of Ancient Aliens “Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics”  You were all thinking the same thing I was when you experienced “Contagion”  in theaters this weekend.  A Warner Brothers production, directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law and Kate Winslet the movie Contagion lived up to the hype.  As an unknown infectious disease is spread rapidly by one women while on her business travels, the world experiences death and devastation by apocalyptic measures.  Making attempts to get control of a dying civilization scientists, doctors and other government officials step in to battle the unknown.  One local blogger does his best to make a name for himself by proving to the world that the CDC and government are in cahoots with each other to profit from the tragic situation through the pharmaceutical companies. 

           With a swift moving and intellectual storyline the movie makes the theater goer really think about the possibility of how we would react and handle a real situation like that.  The script makes references to the H1N1 virus and how society was impacted by that and other viruses in the past.  The cast did a convincing job in making their characters realistic.  Some movie goers are not into a cast of too many Hollywood populars such as Winslet and Paltrow ect, but they all do well to uniquely carry the story.  Directed quite well, Soderbergh does an approving job by telling the story through the camera lens.  Old school Twilight Zone, with a modern twist captures the spirit of the movie in my opinion.  This movie is a must see, and I give it four stars.

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Social Networking II

Well, I did it.  I actually set up a TWITTER account.  Twitter is really nice, and I think I will be getting the hang of it pretty fast.  I love finding people according to my interests.  It’s nice to know that you do have things in common with others,.  I no longer have to be the odd ball of the group! LOL  The rain hasn’t let up all day but I dont mind.  this is perfect weather for writing and or reading a great book.  I am going to have to take a trip to Barnes and Noble within the next week or so, so I can grab some Horror Novels for the Fall.

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Social Networking

I just got off of my Nook.  I am reading this book by a popular Paranormal Romance author and I am finding so difficult to get through.  I have read several blogs with people saying that they love her work, but at this point I can not see what all the hype is all about.  I can’t see how they made millions from books that have no purpose.  I am trying to give it a chance because I am inspired by her overall story, but now I am thinking maybe that is how she has been so successful just because of her “STORY”.   As a writer myself I know that I must put myself “Out There” even more when it comes to “Social Networking.”  I am really thinking about setting up a TWITTER account.  I know I have said that before, but it has been hard to really psych myself up to do it.  I am in love with Facebook and it’s set up, so experiencing something new is not my thing.  Sometime this week I will go on and check out TWITTER.  I’ve been writing my latest chapter in my book for a few hours now, so I think I am going to shut off my laptop and pick up where I left off in reading “Sweet and Deadly by Charline Harris.

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