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Harry Potter

Well, The new Harry Potter Deathly Hollows part Two is expected to hit theaters nation wide this Friday.  I am so excited about seeing this film.  I know David Yates did a great job with wrapping the storyline up.  Looking forward to the theatrical experience, this movie will do wonderful and will not disappoint Potter fans. 

Movie Review coming Soon

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“Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon” directed by Micheal Bay is a visual masterpiece that follows Sam (Shia LaBeouf) as he first learns how to cope with being a college graduate.  Feeling worthless and filled with self-doubt he tries his best to find his place in world but really longs for the action and validation that the Autobots once gave him.  In a new relationship he soon finds himself caught back into the web between a war among the Autobots and the Decepticons.  Shia LaBeouf does a great job reprising his role as Sam, The new face Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does not do the role any justice.  The film carries an empty gap without Fox.  The supporting cast does a good job carrying the movie in their own way.  The storyline is stong but does have some weak spots.  The script also carries its usual dose of comedy which is refreshing at times.  The scenes are well-developed and takes the movie goer on a true action adventure.  This movie is a must see and I give it five stars for creative and visual expressiveness.

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Bad Teacher Review

                  “Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz is a story about a superficial egotistical public school teacher that lies, cheats, steals, does drugs, and sleeps in class.  Not really caring about her job at all, she starts the year off by playing movies all day. Her goal is to attract a rich successful man so that she does not have to work anymore, but in order for her to attract the man of her dreams she plots to get breast enhancement surgery to keep him enticed.  She does odd things to come up with my money but she eventually discovers that if she can get her class to score the highest on the State Exam she will be rewarded with a bonus that will cover the cost of the surgery.  She buckles down and starts to really teach the students.  She ends up getting a hold of a copy of the test and answers and teaches the students all the material directly from the source.  The main character is successful in getting the bonus, but later changes her mind to obtain the surgery.  She learns a lesson and eventually falls for the gym teacher that has been interested in her for years.  Accepting her self and others for who they are she see the world around her with open eyes.  Overall Cameron Diaz carries the comedy in a unique way.  The supporting cast does a decent job in delivering their view.  Justin Timberlake does a better job with comedy when he is hosting Saturday Night Live.  The story as a whole did have some weak point but the movie was still quite entertaining.  This movie gets a two stars.

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Super 8 Movie Review

Super 8 is a cinematic adventure that follows the journey of a group of friends as they set out to discover what is actually behind the tragic events that plague their small town. The movie is packed with lots of action and shocking scenes. Abrams stays true to his vision, drawing in the theater goer. The authentic 80’s time period brings back memories to those who lived in those times. The visual effects teams did a wonderful job creatively demonstrating talented skills in creating a concept that did not overshadow the actors or the general spirit of the movie. The Director did include some Cloverfield themes, which became quite obvious but Super 8 still lives up to the hype. This movie is a definitely go see. The audience will hang on the edge of their seats the whole time and will hunger for more.

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My Birthday

Well, my birthday was last Thursday. It came and went so fast. I was sick for a couple of weeks with a throat infection and finally went to the doc. He put me on two kinds of meds and I slowly got better. I had a very nice birthday weekend. My husband and I went to the mountains and stayed at a beautiful resort. I had the chance to really relax and kick back with him. The trip was long over due. Spending that quality time away from home was really special. We both needed that. I took some awesome pictures of deer feeding and playing in the woods and It’s taken me some time to finish my new Sookie Stackhouse book. With so many things I have had to do, and then being sick those weeks really held me back. It usually takes me only a couple of days to read them from cover to cover. I am on Chapter 13 and it is getting extremely exciting. I am looking forward to reading it when I am in bed in my PJs’ later tonight.

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Coming soon

Book review of Charline Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse seris including the new Dead Reckoning novel

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I still can not believe that tomorrow is Oprah’s last show.  I am so sad to see to her end it, but I guess it’s true what they say ” all good things must come to an end”.  She has been a real inspiration to me and the entire world.  Oprah has had a tremendous impact on our lives,  shaping the future of humanity in a multitude of ways.  As adult I have learned to appreciate her and her great works as well as her global impact.  She will be missed.  I will be checking out her new network OWN, what a great name to reflect her personality.  One chapter ends and another one begins.

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Back in action

Well, I am back.. I know I have been MIA for a while.  This week has been so stressful.  Last week was too.  I am just so tired.  I started working out on my Wii Fit Plus again which I am very happy about.  I’m also working on a few writing projects which have much promise.  I will continue my story Strange Stalker sometime this weekend.  I brought a couple more books at BN, so I am also excited about picking them up and reading them.  My new Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Reckoning by Charline Harris is on its way from Amazon.  I can’t wait to get it in my hands!!!!

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The Royal Wedding

The Royal wedding was such a wonderful sight to see. I was up at 2:30 am to catch the start of the day events. Congrats to the Duke and Dutchess. May you both live happy lives filled with love, trust, anf faithfulness. The Bride’s dress was beautiful, and she shinned bright like a star in the sky. Cheers and God bless the Royal Couple!!!

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Strange Stalker..cont

My heart was throbbing so fast, that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest.  The tension in the air became thick.  I had a feeling that my stalker knew I was there.  I had no weapon in my hand to defend myself.  I had to think of what my next move was going to be.  I heard his breathing, loud and deep.  He struggled to find my location, and I felt his frustration.  His grunts grew louder and louder.  I didn’t make a sound.  Never bothering to catch a glimpse of the figure I stood there  trying to keep my mind focused.  I noticed a shiny sharp object on the ground buried under a pile of leaves.  I slid down the bark of tree, making every attempt to not reveal my location.  I reached my hand as far as I could to grab the object.  It was a steel blade.  I held on to the blade tightly, trying not to cut my hand.  Positioning my self upright against the tree I prepared to strike a deathly blow…

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